Wool Hand Teased Into A Mattress

The ingredients of a Harrison mattress

4th May 2017

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At Harrison we pride ourselves on the ingredients used in every one of our mattresses. From our award-winning spring technology to the home-grown and naturally sourced fillings, every bed we hand-make has been put together with you in mind. We believe it is our special ingredients that make a Harrison bed so special, each ingredient helping to achieve the ideal balance of comfort and support.

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Spring technology

Inside every Harrison bed there are several thousands of miracles engineering at work. We use nearly eight miles of wire in each of our luxury Harrison mattresses, all of it is carefully wound to make our unique revolution and HD pocket springs. We’ve spent over a century perfecting our award-winning spring systems and developing our mattress technology. Using the most innovative technology in the world, your Harrison bed will adapt to your body’s unique shape, providing crucial support.

A Harrison mattress has a core of an award-winning Revolution spring-within-spring system, which supports the weight of your body and works against the settlement of our natural fillings.

Meanwhile, layered close to the surface of the mattress are thousands of our High Density (HD) pocket springs. These HD springs adapt to your body’s contours, relieving pressure as you sleep.

This unrivalled spring system means a Harrison mattress offers you an ultimate level of comfort and support.

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Sumptuous fillings

The superior levels comfort and support found in a Harrison mattress doesn’t stop at springs. Every sleep surface is layered with luxurious 100% natural fillings. Each sumptuous filling pad is blended at our Leeds factory using the latest machinery; this means we have full control over the ingredients found in every Harrison mattress.

Each luxurious layer is made from the finest natural fibres, some of these are home-grown on our own Yorkshire farm. The more exotic materials found in our beds such as cashmere and Egyptian cotton are carefully sourced to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Homegrown on our Yorkshire farm, we use naturally springy and greatly supportive sheep’s wool, highly-absorbent hemp, and moisture managing flax. These natural fillings have unique properties which make them the perfect ingredients in our beds.

Inside a Harrison bed you will also find cool comfort from cotton and Egyptian cotton, thanks to their absorbent and strong wicking properties. Sumptuous layering is achieved with horsehair, which is also used for its springy and hard-wearing ability. The finest of textures, mohair, gives a more luxurious feel and is used in the top filling layers of our mattresses. Meanwhile cashmere and silk provide us with their softer but highly resilient abilities.

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Wool Hand Teased Into A Mattress

Love and care

The recipe to a Harrison bed isn’t complete without the love and care from our British craftsmanship. Every Harrison bed is hand made by our skilled crafters, from hand tufting our mattress to upholstering each headboard.

Our most valuable tools are a set of hands. They belong to highly skilled craftsmen who hand tuft our unique mattresses, securing the ingredients of a Harrison bed and keeping them stable. These time-honoured techniques, along with the care and attention to detail from every craftsman, results in bespoke beds of the highest quality and unprecedented support.

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