Fillings Factory


The Harrison Spinks farm

Our beds don’t start life in a factory but on the Harrison Spinks farm. In 2009 we settled into a new home at the Harrison Spinks farm in North Yorkshire. It’s a 300-acre farm just 18 miles from our Leeds factory allowing us the freedom to do more things the way we wanted to.

Fillings the farm


It is here that we tend fertile fields of hemp and flax crops. These crops produce super absorbent fibres that help to absorb moisture from the mattress while you sleep, keeping you cool and dry. We use zero pesticides to grow our crops. Instead these fibres are grown the way we believe they should be: naturally. This greatly lessens the impact on the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, which helps us and you rest easier.

Fillings Hemp

Traceable wool

We have partnered with British Wool to launch a new scheme that traces the origin of the wool used in our mattresses from farm to our factory. The scheme allows consumers to fully understand where the wool in the products they are purchasing is from, and gives them peace of mind that the farmer has received a fair price for their wool.

Fillings Traceable Wool 3

Mohair wool

The mohair wool we use in our mattresses only comes from certified sources that adhere to the Responsible Mohair Standard. This means we can trace the mohair fibres to the farm we source it from, ensuring farmers and ranchers meet robust criteria for animal welfare, land management, and social requirements.

Bea 1080x1080

Our Fillings

Fillings factory

The raw fibres are blended into soft and sumptuous filling pads at our factory in Leeds. Both natural and sustainable fibres are used to create different combinations of filling pads.

HS Factory 80

Sustainable fillings

We only use natural or sustainable fibres within our mattresses. Our polyester is from GRS (Global Recycle Standard) accredited suppliers. It is made from recycled fibres and can be easily recycled again at the end of life. We never blend natural fibres with polyester as this makes it very hard to recycle.

Fillings Sustainable Fillings