Proper, natural ingredients for a proper natural sleep

Our beds don’t start life in a factory but on our 300 acre farm in North Yorkshire. It is here that we rear sheep on rich untreated pastures and tend fertile fields of hemp and flax crops. These crops produce super absorbent fibres, helping to absorb moisture from the mattress while you sleep, keeping you cool and dry.

We pride ourselves on the ingredients we use in our mattresses.

Sourcing the finest environmentally friendly materials and eliminating the use of foam for more sustainable options, each one helping to achieve the ideal balance of comfort and support

Luxuriously sustainable fillings

We know every single inch of the mattresses we make. Every mattress we make is 100% foam and FR chemical free.

We have strategic measures in place to make sure only the best materials go into our mattresses. We only ever make beds that we’re happy to sleep on ourselves.

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Authentic traceable British wool

We’re proud to have partnered with British Wool to ensure all of the wool we use is form traceable British farms and ethically sourced. This gives complete sustainable control, from sheep to sleep.

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The Harrison Spinks Farm

If you want a job done right, we believe it really is best to do it yourself. That’s why in 2009 we settled into a new home at the Harrison Spinks farm, a 300-acre farm just 18 miles from our Leeds factory that gave us the freedom to do more things the way we wanted to.

Why do we use natural products?

When it comes to crafting a great night’s sleep, natural is best for wicking away moisture and regulating body temperature. Having our own farm allows us to produce natural fillings that are used in many of our mattresses and in ways that we know guarantee excellence and without the use of pesticides.


We rear hundreds of sheep on our rich untreated pastures. Soft, springy with temperature regulating properties, wool is also antibacterial and fire retardant. 


We always get a few raised eyebrows when we talk about our hemp crops, but its resilience and durability make it the perfect natural fibre for our mattresses.

Our hemp crops produce super absorbent fibres, that help to absorb moisture from the mattress while you sleep, keeping you cool and dry.


Used to make linen, our home-grown flax is light, absorbent and a breathable, organic filling.

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Nurturing the environment

Our farm isn’t for profit, which means we can make decisions that benefit the wildlife who share it with us. We work closely with the RSPB and Natural England to make sure the ecosystem on our farm doesn’t just survive it thrives.

What's more, the hemp that we grow on our farm is the perfect environment for increasing the ever-decreasing bee population as bees thrive on the nectar from the hemp plants.

Bring weaving back to Yorkshire

Tick or Ticking is the fabric used to cover the outside of the mattress. In line with our ethos to be world leaders in sustainable comfort innovation, we weave our own chemical free mattress fabric in-house. We combine traditional methods with state-of-the-art weaving looms, to create a breathable and FR chemical free sleeping surface.

Expertly woven in-house fabrics

We are currently weaving 400,000 square meters of tick in-house per year. We make this using wool, which is naturally fireproof, this saves 150kg of fire-retardant chemicals. An innovative but natural finish to the perfect night’s sleep.

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Pioneering our springs

Innovation never sleeps at the Harrison Spinks factory. Our continuous investment in springs has allowed us to become the world’s most vertically integrated bed manufacturer.

British Steel

The key to fantastic springs is not only the raw material; which we source the majority of from British Steel in Scunthorpe UK, but it is in the innovation.

British steel