Our mattresses don’t start life in a factory, but on a 300-acre farm in North Yorkshire

Family bed makers for 180 years

Dating back to 1840, Harrison Spinks is a fifth-generation family business that today has over 600 people working with us, from farmers who rear our prize sheep to craftsmen and women who still sew, side-stitch and tuft our mattresses by hand.

Our heritage
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Our beds are home grown

When it comes to the fillings for our mattresses, only the very best will do. So, to meet our exacting standards for quality, there was only one option – we had to grow them ourselves. On our farm in North Yorkshire, that’s precisely our goal.

About the farm
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Innovation that never sleeps

Innovation is at the heart of Harrison Spinks, and it is the continuous investment in technology which has allowed us to become the most vertically integrated bed manufacturer in the world. We never rest, because only the very best will do.

How we innovate
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Handcrafted luxury

How our Mattresses are Made

Join Gary on a tour of our mattress factory, to gain an insight in how a Harrison Spinks mattress is made.

Wire Drawing

Join Darren on a tour of our wire drawing department, to gain an insight in how we draw our own wire to make our springs.

Mattress Fillings

Join Matthew on a tour of our fillings department, to gain an insight in how we produce our luxurious mattress fillings.


Take a tour of our sewing department and see how every part of a Harrison Spinks mattress is handmade.


Join Charlie on a tour of our weaving department, to gain an insight in how we weave our own fabrics.

Environmentally sound sleep

A good night’s sleep comes from environmentally sound materials, which means sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We’re constantly finding new ways for our business to work with the planet, not against it.

Our sustainability
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Industry leading, award-winning

Don’t just take our word for it. The entire Harrison Spinks team is immensely proud to be a truly award-winning British business. Most recently we were awarded our fifth Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

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Hotels & Hospitality

From large hotels to quirky boutique guest houses, each bed and mattress is lovingly hand-crafted to the customer’s exact requirements.

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Find your perfect mattress

A restful night’s sleep is essential for health and well-being and Harrison Spinks understands the importance of finding a bed that is just right for you. Our beds are tailor-made to order and available in three different levels of support, as well as a range of standard and bespoke sizes.

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