The luxury of choice

We tailor our beds and mattresses to you. From the first twist of wire for our unique springs, to the last swatch of fabric. Choose from a variety of headboard and bases in a selection of fabric options and make your own bespoke Harrison Spinks bed. In the end you’ll have a mattress that adjusts itself to you, not the other way round.

Hero headboards

Our skilled craftsmen and women assemble and upholster each luxurious headboard. Choose form a variety of design led styles that can be upholstered in a ray of sumptuous textures and colours.

Available in a multitude of styles from strut , deep, floating to those with detachable legs for ease of delivery.

Lima 10


All Harrison Spinks mattresses can be partnered with either our deep bases, shallow bases or our design led slim bases. Each base is manufactured with wood from FSC certified forests including that from our own forest in North Yorkshire. 

Oslo 6

A fine choice of fabrics

We have a range of over 50 different luxurious fabrics and colour options to ensure your headboard and base is tailored to your own individual style.

Find your nearest bed specialist to see swatch samples.