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Inventors, innovators and passionate perfectionists since 1840

No other bed maker has our pedigree, our remarkable business model or our breadth of vision. Delve into the world of Harrison Spinks and you’ll find that innovation is at the very heart of our every resolve.

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Each day we strive to see things afresh, imagine the new, challenge convention and redefine what the best should look like. For us, nothing but the best will do. Wherever there is room to improve we will, and we have some of the finest minds working with us.

Ground breaking spring technology

The more springs in your mattress, the better the comfort and support…

Harrison Spinks are the inventors of world-leading pocket spring technology used throughout their mattress collections to deliver unrivalled comfort and support.
With some of the highest density of springs found in any mattress in the world, you can rest assured that you’re sleeping on the best.

Pocket springs at the core of every mattress

It is well known that the most supportive spring units in mattresses are pocket sprung. Harrison Spinks mattresses are built around a tall core pocket spring system. Our Harrison and Spink & Edgar collections benefit from the Millennium Award winning Revolution® pocket spring within a spring designed by Simon Spinks himself, for a double layer of comfort and support.

Revolution Pocket Springs
Pocket springs

Springs working together

One of the reasons you may wake during the night is due to pressure points forming when blood cannot reach certain areas of the body because weight is not supported sufficiently. Sleeping on a mattress with a high number of springs reduces pressure points that cause sleep disturbance.

Various sizes of High Density pocket springs, combined with the ultra-supportive core pocket springs found in our mattresses, distribute your weight between a greater number of springs and so reduce the build-up of pressure points. The High Density pocket spring systems provide unrivalled support for exceptional comfort. More springs mean less pressure on the sleeping surface, with each spring supporting every contour of your body, regardless of the position you choose to sleep in. This effect is multiplied when more layers of springs are used within the mattress, delivering layer upon layer of superb pressure relieving support.

Machine building

Using finer wire to make smaller springs, we develop and build all of our own ultra-fast machines at our Innovation Centre in Leeds, which are patented and unique to the industry. They have low power consumption as we removed the need for heat treatment by using titanium grade rod from British Steel.

Chemical free weaving

Continuing the quest to become ever more vertically integrated, the investment of state-of-the-art weaving looms brings weaving back to the North of England. 90% of the fabric we use is produced in house, created by weaving a viscose fibre made of cellulose from trees such as the beech tree and finished using only steam. No harsh chemicals needed.

Finer wire

We’ve worked tirelessly with British Steel to develop a unique grade of steel rod that allows us to draw ultra-fine wire on-site. This has significantly reduced the weight of steel in our springs and finished mattress products, resulting in lower energy consumption in production and reduced carbon emissions in delivery. Fine wire has allowed us to create our super comfy 4K High Density pocket springs.

High Density 4K – a world first

Exclusively available in certain Harrison Spinks mattresses are High Density 4K springs. The 4,000 tiny pocket springs are produced in a blanket sheet format and adapt to your body as you sleep, relieving any pressure; perfect if you sometimes wake up with aches and pains. These springs are closest to the natural filling layers and the perforated fabric pushes air through the mattress allowing it to breathe.

Mattress Springs V5 Full Image

We don’t just make beds

With a 178 year history of bed making, we have perfected the recipe for a good night’s sleep – combining world-leading spring technology with natural fibres. But we don’t stop at beds and have applied these same principals of comfort technology to other areas, such as running shoes, seating, cot mattresses and the automotive industry. Would you believe that our tiny springs have been developed for use in a range of unique pocket sprung trainers, working with the University of Central Lancashire. Inspired by the innovative pocket spring technology seen in our mattresses, SPRINGURU contain 34 micro pocket springs in the mid sole of each shoe, providing unparalleled levels of comfort and support.


What’s next?

We’re constantly innovating to come up with the next best thing in the world of sleep. Harrison Spinks pioneering ethos has been recognised by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II consecutively with two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation in 2013 and 2018. At our Innovation Centre in Leeds, we’ve got our own dedicated team of engineers who have nothing at all to do with mattress making. Their sole focus is developing the next generation of pocket springs to fulfil our vision to become the world leader in sustainable mattress and comfort innovation – watch this space!

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