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We’re passionate about beds. It runs through our veins and our obsession to make better beds has been passed down in the family from generation to generation.

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Our business is a family one, we treat it, and everyone in it as our own. It’s not just our own family ties, but many other families have also passed down their skills within the business, to sons and daughters, aunties and uncles. We truly are a family business and we care about what we do.

We only make the very best beds, using the finest in natural and sustainable fillings, innovative pocket spring technology and of course, everything is finished by hand. We’re naturally innovative and masters of our craft. Constantly bringing new ideas to our traditional techniques – and we do all this because we care.

We only ever make beds that we’re happy to sleep on ourselves.

Ronnie Spinks, 1958

The road has not always been an easy one, and we’ve often paddled against the tide. But we’ve always led the way in the bedding industry, patenting our products and inventing new pocket spring technology for mattresses. We now manage over 90% of the methods to make our mattresses – from rearing sheep for their wool and growing hemp and flax crops on our very own farm, to felling our own woodland, designing and making our own pocket spring making machines, drawing our own ultra-fine wire and blending our natural fillings to our own unique recipes. No other bed maker in the world does this. But we do so that we can control the quality of ingredients that make up our mattress every step of the way. We are the true bed makers.

And our customers tell us that once they’ve slept on a Harrison Spinks mattress, no other mattress will do.

How we’ve evolved…


William Rhodes of Birstall, established The Bedding House of Rhodes. This later evolved into Somnus Bedding who became a dominant player in the market for the next 70 years

A collection of early Somnus advertisements


In 1885 bed maker Arthur Spink decided to start his own business with salesman John Edgar and they began trading as Spink & Edgar. All beds were built by hand and they never compromised on quality.


Innovation is demonstrated again by A. Harrison – this advert shows the patent on their Ferret bedstead fitting.

The Ferret patent bedstead fitting


Arthur Spink retired and left the company to his one-time apprentice Albert Harrison. He was joined by Albert Parker, who had learnt his trade at The Bedding House of Rhodes, makers of Somnus.


Albert Harrison retires in 1937 and Albert Parker continued to run the business. He is later succeeded by his son-in-law Ron Spinks and then by grandson Peter Spinks.


Harrison was down to just a couple of employees but AJ Ludlam was advising what the army should be sleeping on throughout the war years. He was known as 'Mr Mattress'.


Launch of the industry leading prop-up bed & patent.

Launch of the industry leading prop-up bed & patent


Peter Spinks, current chairman, joins the business.


A. Harrison Bedding moved to the new site on Westland Road, where the company continues to operate from today. It is at this point Peter Spinks adjusted the focus of the business from contract to the retail sector.

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Ron Spinks and one of the Harrison vans


Peter Spinks pushes in-store displays and other marketing material investment, which helps grow the business to firmly cement itself in the luxury bedding market.


Ronnie Spinks retires from the business

Ronnie Spinks retires from the business


Simon Spinks joins the business full-time. He goes on to take over as Managing Director from 1999 when Peter becomes Chairman.

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Simon Spinks joins the business full-time


Simon Spinks designs the Millenium award winning Revolution® pocket spring. This is a game changer for the bedding industry and the sale of the patent license to the US funds future investment in innovation.


Spink & Edgar is relaunched to the market - these beds were the highest quality, finished entirely by hand.


A new Retailer Partnership Centre showroom is opened at the Westland Road factory.

Retailer Partnership Centre showroom is opened


The prestigious Somnus trade name is re-acquired, bringing the brand home to Leeds once more.


Simon's investment in spring innovation results in the invention of low-height microcoil pocket springs Posturfil in 2003. These have evolved over the years to become smaller and smaller. More springs = more comfort.


As the industry champions memory foams, Harrison Spinks focusses on increasing the natural fibre content in their mattresses.

Harrison Spinks farm is purchased


The company becomes more vertically integrated by manufacturing its own components - thus in 2009 Harrison Spinks Components is created, trading as Spinks Springs. Also in 2009, the Harrison Spinks farm is purchased, just 18 miles from the factory in Leeds. Here we rear sheep and grow hemp and flax crops to replace manmade fibres such as foams and polyesters.


A 56-acre woodland in Sand Hutton near York is acquired. It is FSC accredited with the aim of sourcing more timber locally for use in divan frames and headboards.


Harrison Spinks is awarded two Queen's Awards for Enterprise in Innovation and Sustainable Development.

Harrison Spinks is awarded two Queen's Awards


The company begins to draw wire from steel rod, allowing us to produce finer wire than is commercially available within the market and consequently produce even smaller springs.


The Harrison and Somnus brands are given a facelift with the launch of their new bed ranges in 2015. Continuing the quest to become ever more vertically integrated, the investment of state-of-the-art weaving looms brings weaving back to the North of England.


Harrison Spinks is awarded the NBF Bed Manufacturer of the Year award.


Harrison Spinks is awarded another two Queen's Awards for Enterprise in Innovation and International Trade. We remain the only bed manufacturer to receive two Queen's Awards in the same year.

Harrison Spinks move into their new home, The Innovation Centre, in Leeds.

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The Innovation Centre
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