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Zero landfill

This all started with a thought. What if we could innovate a spring core that was entirely recyclable yet still offered superior comfort?

A common issue with pocket spring mattresses is the glue that makes the units almost impossible to recycle, and in the UK alone 7.5 million mattresses end up in landfill every year. We believed we could do better.

Five years later, our thought has become a reality. Our unique glue free design means every Cortec™ spring system is fully recyclable, so when you’re ready for a new mattress, your mattress gets a new life.

Cortec™ is the world’s first 100% recyclable pocket spring unit, delivering a new dawn for comfort technology with our patented system of super fine high-tensile wire springs. It’s time to wake up to sustainable comfort.


Greater contour accuracy

Want to know the secret to Cortec’s superior comfort? Go on then. We use a smaller, finer, more tightly coiled spring, with more individual points of contact for greater contour accuracy and precision.

With over 1,000 coils per m², there’s no need for extra comfort layers between the spring unit and fabric cover, and the absence of glue allows every spring to work independently.

As Cortec™ springs are lighter than conventional springs, they create a lighter core unit with better airflow and ventilation, for ultimate temperature control while you sleep.

Cortec™ delivers high-end luxury spring comfort that’s 100% recyclable. That means zero to landfill and zero guilty conscience, so you can get your best sleep.


Finer-wire springs

Designed, developed and manufactured by a team of award-winning engineers in our workshops, our innovative glue free patented technology has been five years in the making.

We’re committed to leading the industry in reducing the amount of furniture sent to landfill, and Cortec™ offers the first truly recyclable solution that seamlessly unites sustainability with comfort.

Each spring has an industry leading amount of turns, is individually pocketed and sealed with heat instead of glue.

Using the finest high-tensile springs in an innovative core unit, Cortec™ truly brings you the best in supportive and sustainable comfort.

Unrivalled benefits

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Harrison Spinks

Luxury handmade mattresses, tailored to your needs and made to order, featuring the finest in natural and sustainable materials.

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Adam Henson

Using carefully selected wool from rare breed Cotswold sheep. The Adam Henson collection is a celebration of British farming and sustainability. The perfect partnership of two heritage brands.

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Wake up to sustainable comfort

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