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Together we’re changing the way the world sleeps

Since 2009, we’ve been striving to produce and continuously improve sustainable mattress and comfort products.

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Early in this approach, we realised blending synthetic materials with wool made mattresses difficult to recycle, establishing the need to work out how to produce and incorporate 100% natural fillings pads into mattresses. Natural fillings are not as resilient as manmade fibres, so we invented resilient, recyclable micro coils using fine wire drawn from locally sourced British steel. Producing low-height pocket springs ensures mattresses are resilient and reduces settlement issues previously associated with natural fibres.

We certainly don’t do things for the sake of it; we do them because it is the right way.

Simon Spinks, Managing Director
100% natural fibres

Natural fibres for our mattress fillings

We grow natural fibre filling materials such as hemp, flax and wool on our own 300-acre farm in North Yorkshire. These natural fibres replace manmade fibres such as foam and polyester. 100% of the filling materials used in our mattresses are processed on-site, of which 60% are locally sourced in the UK.

Protecting farmland

Our flock of sheep is raised on the Harrison Spinks farm on unfertilised green pastureland as nature intended. There is limited movement of heavy farm machinery on the land in order to maintain the historic ridge and furrow archaeological pattern established during the Middle Ages. All cultivated fields have wide field margins sown with native grasses and wildflowers to provide food and cover for wildlife, as well as being nature corridors for wildlife to move around the farm.

Patented pocket springs you’ll only find in a Harrison Spinks mattress

Our machines produce unique ultra-low height pocket springs and are also patented. Harrison Spinks continues to invent smaller springs for better resilience, allowing the use of 100% natural fibres and helping to reduce mattress settlement. This provides the freedom to use innovative and unique sustainable green fillings so you can sleep soundly.

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Our patented pocket springs

Weaving chemical-free mattress fabric

Harrison Spinks has brought weaving back to Leeds once again, with the North of England having once been the centre of excellence for weaving in the UK. We have invested in a number of state-of-the-art weaving looms to weave our mattress fabrics, continuing in our quest to become further vertically-integrated. In a bid to remove the use of chemicals on mattress sleeping surfaces, we have developed a version of mattress fabric woven on our own looms. This uses botanically sourced viscose made of cellulose from trees such as the beech tree and finished using only steam. It has inherent and permanent fire retardant properties, meaning there is no need to use any nasty chemicals to treat our mattresses to make them fire retardant.

Growing and building a solid foundation

You can rest easily knowing that the timber in all Harrison Spinks divans, headboards and bedframes is sourced from sustainably managed forests, which have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). Some beds even contain timber grown in our own 56 acre sustainable woodland in Sand Hutton, York, just 25 miles from the factory.

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Striving for sustainability

Renewable heat energy is a key feature at the farm. The buildings are heated using biomass technology, fuelled using waste products from the fibre crop production and natural fillings carding line in Leeds. The local Drax power station also uses our briquette biofuel as a coal power substitute. At Hornington Manor, rainwater harvesting, solar panels and a living roof help to fulfil our sustainable vision.

We look forward to a healthy, sustainable future and recognise that environmental integrity is a crucial element in what we do in improving sleep and to protect our world, now and for the generations to come.

Michael Dingwall, Manufacturing Director

Supporting other local businesses

We are very proud of our Yorkshire heritage and continue to champion local business wherever possible. Other than wool sourced from our own sheep, all other fleeces come from UK farmers in the North of England via the British Wool Marketing Board. Local Yorkshire farmers grow additional hemp crops and we champion and train independent bed specialists for our mattress fitting services, many of which are family-run business too – find your nearest bed expert here.

Protecting the environment for future generations

We work closely with Natural England and the RSPB to ensure the insect, bird and animal population on the farm is positively improved by sustainable and environmental management of the natural eco system. An RSPB survey recorded 58 different types of birds on the farm, including 11 on the threatened species list. The farm is also home to a very rare Sykehouse Russet eating apple tree, over 150 years old and thought to be one of possible only two trees of this kind still in existence today. It is pruned by specialists who also take clippings in the hope to graft root stock to continue growth of this rare tree.

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Improving recyclability

Growing hemp and processing 100% of that grown by other farmers has allowed us to develop a closed loop system. This includes selling waste hemp shiv product as animal bedding or building material and converting dust into biofuel briquettes (a green alternative to fossil fuels) to heat the manor house or plough back into the land as a natural fertiliser.

Many mattresses end up in landfill at end of life, but the use of natural fillings and steel springs mean Harrison Spinks mattresses are much easier to recycle. Our aim is to create a completely closed loop mattress process.

Our sustainable management approach earns Harrison Spinks the reputation for its innovative culture and leading the way in the bedding industry and beyond, commonly cited as the most vertically integrated, innovative and sustainable mattress manufacturer in the world.

Together we ensure every product and process is safe and as natural as possible, minimising environmental impact and promoting wellbeing. Each of us is committed to adopting a sustainable approach to everything we do; we are leaders for our industry in sustainable comfort and innovation.

Darren Rhodes, Special Projects Director

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