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Designed and manufactured in the heart of Yorkshire, our collection of luxury pocket sprung beds use the finest quality natural fillings and award-winning spring technology to create a sleeping experience for your guests which is second to none.

Whether you are a hotel, a B&B, a guest house or something a little different, we know that no two rooms are the same, which is why we hand-craft each of our beds to your exact requirements. All of our beds can be made to any width, length or height, with your choice of firmness, fabric and headboard.

While décor is imperative for creating the right first impression, it’s a hotel’s bedrooms where a guest’s opinion on an establishment is made or broken.

With this being the case, it’s vitally important that hoteliers not only identify beds and mattresses that look aesthetically pleasing, but also provide substantial support and comfort too.

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The Addingham

A good night's sleep

With guests’ expectations increasing, a lower-quality bed purchase can lead to negative visitor feedback. Therefore, hoteliers should always aim to offer the best sleeping experience that meets their budget.

Hotel visitors now take the time to check what they’re sleeping on, so hotels need to switch their focus from the overall look and feel of a room and place more emphasis on the quality of the night’s rest they can provide to guests.

If a guest has a positive sleeping experience, they will not only be more likely to book a return visit to the establishment, they will be more inclined to recommend a hotel to their friends and family.

In addition, a good sleeping experience may lead to the guest actively looking to purchase a bed by the same manufacturer, so a well-designed and finished mattress, with a quality look and comforting feel is increasingly important when it comes to influencing a customer’s opinion of both the room and the hotel.

Natural fillings

While the comfort aspects of a mattress are a major consideration, the importance of a relaxing, supporting sleep is something that consumers are considering more and more, so hoteliers need to be conscious of this too. Consumers are much more considered about where products are sourced and how they are made. So, a mattress containing all natural fillings not only provides a unique selling point to market, it is also much better for their guests. Natural fillings have a number of beneficial properties, such as wool that is inherently fire retardant, regulates body temperature and has natural wicking properties. These all contribute to a good night’s sleep, which is essential for guests’ health and wellbeing.

Layers Of Mattress
Natural fillings

Revolutionary springs

The Harrison Spinks range of mattresses have been developed specifically for the hospitality industry utilising more than 178 years’ experience in luxury mattress production.

The mattresses within the collection feature revolutionary, patented spring technology with natural, luxury fillings grown on Harrison Spinks’ own 300-acre farm in Yorkshire. This results in superior comfort, elevated support and, most importantly, a sumptuous sleeping environment for hotel guests.

Drawn on self-designed, in-house machines, Harrison Spinks’ pocket spring technology is some of the most innovative in the industry and has reinvented the way pocket sprung mattresses are manufactured. These springs perfectly contour to the shape of the sleeper’s body, offering varying levels of support to ensure a good night's sleep.

Selected mattresses across the Harrison Spinks Hospitality Beds range feature the Revolution® spring-within-a-spring system. This system is based upon a small spring sitting inside a larger one, to provide adjustable levels of support, adapting to all shapes and sizes. It’s this two-stage action that means the outer springs offer a high degree of comfort, while the inner spring delivers a supportive second action for the heavier parts of the body, an ideal option for hotels that cater for a range of different guests. Thanks to the success of the Revolution® spring technology, Harrison Spinks has gone on to develop high-density pocket springs, which work independently of each other, adapting to the body’s contours and reducing the build-up of pressure points.

Natural 3000 Cotton Artworked Springs
Revolution® springs

Tailor-made beds

Each model within the Harrison Spinks Hospitality Beds collection can be tailor-made in-line with any specific requirements a hotel may have, to ensure optimum comfort and maximum support.

Hoteliers can also tailor headboards and bed bases to match any room’s décor. There are a range of fabrics to choose from, as well as six headboard variants, to ensure hoteliers can create beds that complement existing interior styles and themes.

As well as providing hoteliers with some of the most comfortable beds on the market, featuring unrivalled spring counts and luxurious natural fillings, Harrison Spinks’ Hospitality experts can provide a bespoke bed audit service, which involves them visiting a hotel to assess its beds, before providing a no-obligation recommendation on how it can improve its offer.

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A range of fabrics to choose from


Every mattress in the Harrison Spinks Hospitality Beds collection is treated with the company’s BugGuard™ formula, providing further peace-of-mind and reassurance for hoteliers. Harrison Spinks recognises that bed bug infestation is an ongoing problem within the hospitality sector, with the potential to affect hotel revenue and, more importantly, customer satisfaction. The BugGuard™ formula eradicates all bugs within 48 hours of use and the formula is proven to be safe to human skin, giving guests and hoteliers added confidence. All mattresses are also fully compliant with BS7177 Crib 5 Fire Retardancy.

Bed Bug
Harrison Spinks' BugGuard™ formula

Harrison Spinks’ dedication to using sustainable, eco-friendly materials – as well as a commitment to developing and manufacturing industry-leading spring technology – has led to the bed maker being commended by HM Queen Elizabeth ll, with two prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation and Sustainable Development.

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