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Using carefully selected wool from rare breed Cotswold sheep

A celebration of British farming and sustainability, the Adam Henson by Harrison Spinks collection is the perfect partnership of two heritage brands.

Lustrous wool from rare breed Cotswold sheep

Fine, lustrous and resilient; Cotswold wool is supreme among British wool, often referred to as The Golden Fleece. This luxury collection features wool chosen by Adam from rare and indigenous breeds, including Cotswold, Romney and Whiteface Dartmoor.

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A shared passion for our heritage

Our heritage is what binds us together – whether farmers or bedmakers. A shared passion for British heritage is at the heart of the Adam Henson by Harrison Spinks collection.

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Sustainability — today and for the future

Championing rare breeds is only the start for Adam Henson. He also works with the Cotswold Sheep Society to help other local farmers achieve a fair price for their wool, which we’re proud to use in this exclusive range of mattresses.

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Handmade by artisans for quality and sustainable comfort

Designed by innovation, built by tradition, the Adam Henson collection celebrates craftsmanship at the highest levels. Handmade by artisan bedmakers, all of the beds in this collection are lovingly put together using time-honoured techniques.

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We top all our mattresses with a 100% natural blend of cotton and wool.

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Features of the Adam Henson Collection

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Rare-breed cotswold wool
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Cortec™ Eco-Spring™ System
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HD and Microlution Springs

Innovative sleep systems

  • Cortec™ springs are 100% comfortable and 100% recyclable. The finest high-tensile wire is formed into innovative springs, individually pocketed and heat sealed – so no glue, no foam, no landfill.

    But they also work. Ultra-responsive, they form the supportive core of every mattress in the Adam Henson collection. Cradling the body and reacting to individual movements, they work together with layers of HD and Microlution springs to reduce pressure points and roll together, significantly improving the quality of your sleep.

  • Customising your Adam Henson bed couldn’t be simpler. Select from four mattress types and three tensions – Gentle, Medium or Firm – either for the whole mattress or half and half to suit the preferences of you and your partner. For convenience of delivery and ease of turning, why not try zip and link: two mattresses attached at the centre with a zip.

  • Your mattress can be built to fit your existing bed frame or matched with one of our divan bases. These are available with either Standard or Continental drawers and upholstered in a choice of wool-based fabrics.

  • Wool is a wonder. Designed by nature, it is inherently anti-bacterial and fire retardant, so there’s no need to add chemicals. Along with being effortlessly soft and springy, bouncing back from compression to provide sumptuous support, night after night.

    At Harrison Spinks, we like to grow beds the natural way. Supported by our innovative spring systems, hand-teased wool pads are layered with other natural fillings such as silk, Egyptian cotton, alpaca, kapok, cashmere and hand-teased horsehair.

Adam Henson brochure

Download a PDF version of our Adam Henson brochure, or alternatively request a hard copy to be sent in the post.

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