Sleep. Designed.

For some, sleep is something that just happens. At Somnus it happens by design. Something that we improve and perfect through constant testing and innovation. It’s the difference made by sensa intelligent pocket springs and the home-grown natural fillings, as well as the quality craftsmanship that makes every one of our luxury beds unique. At Somnus, beds are not the end result, they are just the beginning.

British by design

Every Somnus mattress is British by design; from the locally sourced natural upholstery fillings we use inside each pocket sprung mattress, to the British craftsmen that assemble them. It is a traditional way of creating quality beds that we’ve kept alive for five generations – a tradition that always puts luxury and comfort first.

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Comfort. Crafted.

At Somnus, our craftsmen aren’t just bed experts, they are sleep specialists who use their traditional craftsmanship skills to create a superior level of comfort in every Somnus bed.

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Sensa Intelligent Pocket springs

Introducing Sensa Intelligent Pocket springs, the latest piece of innovation at the heart of our beds. This innovative technology ensures you always maintain the perfect sleeping posture.

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180 years of luxurious comfort

When William Rhodes founded Somnus back in 1840, he wanted to make a very different kind of bed. Our dedication to this ideal has led to countless spring innovations over the last 180 years.

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Sheep experts. Sleep designers.

On our own farm in North Yorkshire, we tend a very special flock of sheep and alpacas that are behind the Yorkshire Dales Eco Wool and alpaca fleece that you’ll find inside our Somnus beds.

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Collection features

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Sensa-intelligent pocket spring system
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Tradition. Reborn

Innovative sleep systems

  • Technological innovation is paramount to us at Somnus. It led to our invention of the double-tiered spring system back in 1924, a world first, and is what has driven us to the latest piece of innovation at the heart of our luxury beds: the Sensa Intelligent pocket spring system.
    This innovative technology used in our pocket spring mattresses helps distribute the sleeper’s weight across a higher number of independent springs, ensuring you always maintain the perfect sleeping posture. The pocket springs help support your body more evenly and reduce pressure points, providing a more restful sleep.

  • Our latest pocket spring innovation builds on our desire to develop ever more sustainable and natural sleeping environments. NatureCoil is a weldable, 100% plant based pocket for our springs. It is a green alternative to other pockets and just one of many eco-innovations to come.

  • Once upon a time, Britain was the centre of the world when it came to weaving. We are striving to revive this special tradition by investing in state of the art looms at our Yorkshire based manufacturing facility. Our intention being that we can weave the finest quality mattress fabric for our beds. Not only are we moving the art of bed making forward, we’re bringing back things that matter. 

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