Spring Technology

Put a spring in your step

15th April 2016


Increase your mattress spring count and enjoy a better night’s sleep. Sleep – we all know how much better we feel after a good night’s rest, and how irritable we can be when we’re not getting enough. Waking up tired can affect our work, our relationships and our overall wellbeing. But it’s not just about feeling grumpy and under par the next day; long-term sleep deprivation can increase your chances of developing a range of conditions, from depression to Type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease. The good news is, you can do something about it.

How to get a good night’s sleep

One way to dramatically improve the quality of your sleep is to change your old mattress for a brand new bed with a high spring count. A Harrison bed gives you thousands of reason to have a restful night’s sleep, as that’s how many springs are incorporated into each of our handmade mattresses.

The benefit of a high spring count

Simply put, more springs means better support – and, importantly, more targeted support.

We all come in all different shapes and sizes, and we all have different sleeping positions and patterns. When you lie in bed, your body should be supported from head to toe and your spine should be in alignment. A mattress with a high spring count that includes smaller springs will direct support where it’s needed for each individual sleeper.

Small is beautiful

When it comes to spring support, size does matter.

Think about how the microbeads in a beanie cushion shape themselves around your body or a block of pin art takes on the exact form of your hand. Now imagine the difference between lying on 10 large springs or 1,000 smaller ones. The higher spring count of smaller springs will offer more points of contact, moulding to the body’s contours and reacting instantly to any shifts in movement.

Pin Art Hand

The result? Fewer pressure points, reducing tossing and turning and helping to banish backache and joint pain. Another benefit is that you are less likely to disturb your sleeping partner. Cushioned by your mattress, you’ll sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.

Award-winning spring technology

At Harrison, we have spent over a century perfecting our award-winning spring systems and developing our mattress technology.

A Harrison mattress has a core of award-winning Revolution springs to support the weight of your body and work against the settlement of the natural fillings. Meanwhile, thousands of smaller High Density (HD) springs are layered close to the mattress surface, moving individually and in conjunction with their neighbours to offer targeted support across your body, relieving pressure on your knees, hips, back and shoulder joints.

Spring Hd Springs

It is this layering of larger core pocket springs, smaller springs and natural fillings – such as Yorkshire wool from sheep raised on our own farm, silk, cashmere and Egyptian cotton – that makes Harrison beds unique.

Quantity and quality

While a high spring count makes for a much better night’s sleep, the type of springs used is also important.

By drawing our own wire in house, we have been able to make our high density springs with titanium alloy, making them up to 40% lighter than before. This has allowed us to increase the spring count in our mattresses without making them too heavy to lift.

So next time you see a Harrison mattress with a high spring count next to an everyday mattress, you’ll know we haven’t been sleeping on the job – we’ve been working hard to put a spring in your step.

Cross Section
Inside a Harrison mattress

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