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This Is Our Sustainability Commitment

22nd January 2021


As the world’s most sustainable bed manufacturer, we’ve been on our sustainable journey longer than any other business in the industry.

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We’re changing the way the world sleeps.

At Harrison Spinks we are world leaders in luxury sustainable comfort. We are driven by making mattresses which support healthy sleep and are kind to the environment. This means we only use the finest sustainable materials in our handmade beds.

Our commitment to protecting the environment is world-leading and we have been recognised with not one, but two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Sustainable Development.

We are proud of our Carbon Neutral+ classification.

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Our Eco Promise

Our focus is total sustainability. All of our new mattresses are designed with these core principles in mind -

  • Foam-free – unlike many bed manufacturers we don’t use any foam in the construction of our beds and mattresses
  • Glue-free – our revolutionary Cortec™ spring technology not only improves the sleep experience, but the glue-free design ensures our mattresses can be fully recycled at the end of life
  • Free from FR chemical treatments – by using the finest in natural and sustainable ticks and fillings, we can avoid nasty FR chemicals
  • Fully recyclable – 100% of our production is recyclable at the end of its life. And that’s no throw-away line. We will recycle our mattresses without charge – locally, in our own recycling point

We do all of this so you sleep better at night. And with our total sustainability ethos, so do we.

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Our Achievements

  • 2003 - developing micro coils, a world first innovation, delivering exceptional levels of comfort without using foam and enabling glue-free manufacturing
  • 2013 – first Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development
  • 2019 - second Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development
  • 2019 - developing Cortec™ - another world-first - a 100% recyclable glue-free pocket spring system
  • 2019 - being the only bed manufacturer to receive our Carbon Neutral+ classification, which means we more than offset all of our fuel and power use
  • 2020 - NBF Bed of the Year award for our new rolled Velocity 8750
  • 2021 - committing to open The Harrison Spinks Recycling Unit where mattresses containing Cortec™ will be recycled free of charge
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At Harrison Spinks we are leading the world in sustainable innovation. We are driving change and are committed to a brighter future, protecting generations for years to come.

We will change the way the world sleeps. Rest assured, that’s our promise.

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