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Mattress buying guide: Natural fillings

8th December 2015

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We believe that the perfect night’s sleep starts with the best possible ingredients, which is why all Harrison mattresses contain the finest natural fillings, many of which are home-grown on our own Yorkshire farm.

The second in the series of our Mattress Buying Guide explores the benefits of a mattress with natural fillings and why you should always consider what your mattress is made from – after all, you will be sleeping on this mattress for at least the next 7 or 8 years.

When you lie on a mattress in a showroom, you should typically be looking at how comfortable you feel and how well supported your body is. However, you should not overlook what fillings are used within the mattress. For example, you may not know that foam or memory foam mattresses trap heat that can cause you to overheat, leading to a restless night’s sleep. This isn’t something you would initially be able to tell from trying out a mattress within a store, but is an extremely important factor to consider in the buying process.

Due to their excellent temperature regulating properties and luxurious comfort, we would recommend choosing a mattress with natural fillings. Whether you usually get too warm or too cold in bed, natural fillings such as wool, cotton, flax and mohair will help to regulate your body’s temperature, keeping you comfortable throughout the year.

Our range of Seasonal Turn mattresses also feature a wool blend near the sleeping surface on one side of the mattress, and a cotton blend on the other. The wool blend will help keep you warm and comfortable during the cooler months of the year, whilst the cotton blend will keep you fresh and dry in warmer months as cotton helps to wick away moisture.

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