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Style Inspiration: Nudes & Nature

8th March 2019

Beautiful Bedrooms

As sustainability and our impact on the environment is becoming more and more important in our day to day lives, we’re looking at how we can bring this trend into our homes.

We are now all becoming more strategic and purposeful when purchasing, looking into spending money on well-made pieces that are timeless and have longevity, not just throw items that can be discarded when the next trend comes along.


Classic designs that are well made are key. We are taking into account what materials are used in the pieces we are purchasing for our home and how sustainable these materials are. Natural sun drenched wood, soft wool, sustainable hemp, durable linen, ethical cotton and textured weave are all key materials. These materials coming together to create a calming environment and bringing elements of the outdoors and nature in. Focusing on investing in comfortable every day, long lasting furniture pieces is important.


In keeping with the natural elements of this trend, we are moving away from grey and moving more towards nude and warm, neutral tones. Sandy shades and oatmeal colours will be coming through in interiors, also earthy mineral shades, natural pigmented colours, and inviting amber shades that evoke a warm and relaxing environment.

In terms of accessories it is all about mixing textures with artisan details. Layering textures will add depth to a room and complement the natural colour palette. Think weaved rugs, hand knitted wool blankets, textured cushions and stone washed linen and clay vases. Focusing on one of a kind pieces that have been created with a hand finished technique all work within this trend.

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Creating an overall cosy feel, a retreat in your home, where you can relax and take yourself away from the outside world.