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5 tips and tricks to get you feeling fresh for spring

6th April 2018

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Spring is upon us at last (hooray!) but if you’re still waking up feeling like it’s the groggy winter then it might be time to give your morning routine a spring clean. That is why we’ve gathered together 5 tips and tricks to get you feeling fresh for spring.

Ditch the snooze

While hitting the snooze button is tempting and a morning routine for many –researchers advise against it. This is because the snooze feature causes repeated strain on the cardiovascular system within a short span of time. Each time causes a peak in blood pressure. This disrupts your sleep cycle and makes you wake up feeling more sluggish than if you woke up when the alarm first went off. Doing this at least five days a week, can cause repeated abuse to your heart and nervous system.

Top Tip: Keep the alarm clock away from your bed, so that you must get out bed to turn it off – by then you’re up!

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Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

The last thing on your mind on an early morning is probably going to be exercise. While an extra hour in bed might feel like the best solution, it has been found that physical activity is a main factor in eliminating tiredness. Exercise releases endorphins – putting you in a better mood! The more you exercise the more energy you will have, and the early mornings will come to you easier.

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The frightful cold shower

Jumping into a cold shower might give you the shivers but this can provide many benefits. Primarily making you feel more awake and alert. The cold temperature sends your body into a slight state of shock, which instantly boosts alertness and feeling of being awake. Opting for a cold shower when you know you have an extremely hard day is a smart move!

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Clear room clear mind

Did you know that you spend around 1/3 of your life in the bedroom? Our bedrooms are very important environments. They should make us feel relaxed, at home and should be the most comfortable room in the house. A messy room however, can actually keep you up all night! The more clutter, the less functional and comfortable your bedroom is. This makes it harder to fall a sleep at night and can make you feel restless the next day! Cleaning a messy bedroom will not only relieve the tension in your mind but will allow you to take advantage of your bedrooms intended benefits!

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Turn your phone off

Many of us spend hours scrolling through our phones before we go to sleep. However, these devices make it harder to fall and stay asleep. This is because the blue light emitted by screens on phones, computers, tablets and television disturbs the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls our circadian rhythm. Sending emails and searching the web can also trick our minds to think that we need to stay awake.

Top Tip: Give yourself at least 30 minutes of gadget-free transition time before getting your beauty sleep so that you feel fresh in the morning!

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