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The lambs are here…

21st April 2017

The Farm

Somnus places great value on protecting the natural environment which is why we grow some of our own natural bed fillings on the Harrison Spinks farm, which is situated in Yorkshire, only 18 miles from the Somnus factory. April is a busy month on the Harrison Spinks farm, as it is lambing season. With over 250 lambs being delivered, our resident farmers Gary and Liam, along with Gary’s wife Jo, carry out around the clock shifts in the lambing barn, keeping an eye on the pregnant ewes and the new born lambs.

Lambs 1
Lambs 2
Lambs 3

This year was a particularly exciting year on the farm as it was the first lambing season the rare-breed Wensleydale lambs were born. Strikingly different in terms of appearance to our other breeds of Suffolk, Mule, Zwartbles and Texel, the Wensleydale lambs are helping achieve the farm’s aim of prolonging the breed’s life.

Lambs 4
Lambs 5

Every year, some of the Harrison Spinks lambs are kept in separate pen, either because they have been orphaned or their mums are not able to provide enough milk to her triplets. However our super farmers Gary, Jo, Liam and Becky take these lambs under their wings and offer around the clock feeding for them.

Lambs 6
Lambs 7

The new-born lambs on the Harrison Spinks farm will grow up and some of their fleeces will be used inside our Somnus beds along with other 100% natural fillings such as mohair, tree-silk cotton, cashmere, hand-tease long stranded horsetail, flax and hemp. These 100% natural mattress fillings are known for their inherent resilience, breathability and temperature controlling properties, creating the perfect natural sleeping environment. Even the better, the other wool we use in our beds is sourced from British flocks, cutting down carbon emission from transporting wool abroad.

Lambs Wool

The next big event on the Harrison Spinks farm is the drilling of the hemp and flax in May. The flax will grow and flower to 3ft in July where this is prime time for harvesting. Whereas the hemp is left until August, where it reaches the height of 12ft, here it is cut down and left to ret, ready for bailing in September.

Lambs Tractor

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