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Our Partnership With British Wool

23rd November 2021


Harrison Spinks are proud to partner with British Wool on their Tracable Wool scheme. 

Traceability and the origin of products are becoming increasingly important to environmentally conscious consumers.

Harrison Spinks are proud to have partnered with British Wool as part of their Traceable Wool scheme, so we are able to trace the wool in our beds from the sheep to the shop floor.

The Traceable Wool scheme is designed not only to give full transparency to consumers but to also maximise the price the producer receives for their wool, Graham Clark, Director of Marketing at British Wool explains: “As a farming co-operative our primary aim is to maximise the value of our producer’s wool.

"This scheme allows us to do exactly this as we are able to obtain a premium from the brands we are working with, which we will be making sure the producer receives.”

Nick Booth, Managing Director at Harrison Spinks commented “We are delighted to be a part of this new scheme as it supports our brand vision to be the most ethical and sustainable bed manufacturer.”

Clark concluded “We are very excited to be working with premium brands in the bedding market and we will be working hard to ensure this is a success for all involved. Over the next few years we hope to work with a wide range of wool processors and manufacturers to offer fully traceable British wool products to the consumer whilst also achieving better wool prices for producers over the long term.”