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New flock of Wendsleydale Sheep in time for British Wool Week

10th October 2016

The Farm

In an effort to help prolong the breed’s life and provide a sumptuous new mattress filling, we have added a flock of Wensleydale sheep to our 300-acre Yorkshire farm. Originating from North Yorkshire in the 19th century, the striking longwooled breed of sheep, are categorized as ‘at risk’ by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust of the UK, with fewer than 1500 registered breeding females. The new additions to the Harrison Spinks Farm appropriately coincide with the Campaign for Wool’s British Wool Week, which aims to promote wool’s natural, sustainable and recyclable qualities to consumers.

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At the heart of every Harrison Spinks bed, are layers of luxurious, natural fibres, so the Wensleydale’s finest long aspect wool is the perfect fitting for Harrison Spinks, and the celebration of Wool Week. The flock of Wensleydales, is made up of 22 pedigree ewes and a year-old tup, although we aim to grow this flock in the future. Each of the sheep’s fleece will provide wool for four beds, with the first wool crop due to be collected next summer.

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The new flock will join the existing 600 sheep found on our farm, which is mainly made up of Texels and Suffolk’s crossed with Zwartbles. Our sheep’s wool is what makes a Harrison Spinks bed so special; the materials travel less than 20 miles to our factory in Leeds, where they are processed and blended in-house to create sumptuous comfort layers for our quality, natural mattresses. As the only bed manufacturer in the world with its own farm, we can ensure the quality of the fillings which go into our mattresses, as well as reduce our own transport carbon footprint.

Although the breed’s high-quality lustrous wool will create a sumptuous filling for Harrison Spinks beds, undertaking the new flock will help promote a breed which is now on the rare breeds watch list.

“The reason for buying Wensleydales is it’s on the watch list as a rare breed and because originally it was a North Yorkshire sheep – so it seems a good idea to start a pedigree flock of our own and help that side of the breeding” Richard Essery, managing director of Harrison Spinks’ springs division.

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At Harrison Spinks, we plan to do something special with the wool, with the possibility of launching a special edition Wensleydale bed to advertise the breed.

Read our feature in Yorkshire Post for more insight into the rare breed of Wensleydale, and comments from the managing director of Harrison Spinks’ springs division.