Our values

Harrison Spinks has five core values that everyone is encouraged to work towards.

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We approach all that we do with integrity and good grace. Perhaps it’s part of our Yorkshire heritage, but we firmly believe in going about things in a decent, honest way. Our business is a family one, and we treat it and everyone in it, as our own.


Our proud history provides a firm foundation for our future prosperity. Every day we strive to see things afresh, imagine the new, challenge convention and redefine what best should look like.

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We are constantly finding new ways for our business to work with the planet, not against it. We ensure every product and process is safe and as natural as possible, minimising environmental impact and promoting wellbeing.


Working brilliantly together is something that underwrites our every success, large and small. Our people are the ultimate partners in our business. We are one big family – and we want to look after yours too.

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We are proud of our heritage and being experts in what we do. We make it our business to be leading craftsmen in our field. We are proud to be part of the Harrison Spinks family.

We’re not your average business, but if you’re willing to work hard, get stuck in and have a laugh along the way then we’d love to introduce you to the family.

Our benefits

Rewarding our colleagues is an important part of ensuring we have a happy and committed workforce

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