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Daylight Savings — Turning your mattress

27th September 2022


We use layers of the finest natural fabrics in every Harrison Spinks mattress. Overtime, these fillings can settle which is why we recommend turning your mattress or rotating it regularly, depending on the type of mattress you have.

Our seasonal turn mattresses are designed with two sleeping surfaces. One side of the mattress will feature a wool blend close to the sleeping surface, whilst the other side features a cotton blend. The wool blend will help keep you cosy and warm during those harsh winter months, whilst the cotton blend will keep you fresh and cool in warmer months.

To determine if your mattress is a seasonal turn, there will be a little icon on the mattress to indicate. Whichever side has the bed label is the winter side.

Please refer to the care guide that came with your Harrison Spinks mattress which will feature turning and rotating instructions you can follow. A helpful reminder to turn your mattress is when the clocks change.

Turn free mattresses have one sleeping surface which means they only require rotating. To check whether you have a turn free mattress, look for the turn free icon on the label or a sticker on the non-sleeping surface. We recommend rotating your mattress 180 degrees every week for the settlement period (the first 12 weeks) and monthly thereafter.

As our mattresses can be quite heavy, we always advise seeking assistance to help with turning/rotating and we hope you enjoy your extra hour in bed this winter!