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The benefits of bed yoga and how to do it

6th June 2022


Bed yoga is an amazing way to wake up the body gently and energise yourself mentally and physically.

Creating a healthy morning routine is of the utmost importance as it can set your body and mind up for the day. The way you spend your morning can have a huge impact on your brain productivity, overall health, mood, and emotions throughout the day. Forming a healthy morning routine doesn’t need to be difficult, it is easier than you think. One easy way to set yourself on a positive path is bed yoga.

What is bed yoga?

Bed yoga is a combination of stretching and breathing, done first thing before you get out of bed. It is a great practice to invigorate the muscles, regulate breathing, and clear your mind. Readying you physically and mentally for the day ahead.

The benefits of bed yoga

Yoga is well known for reducing cortisol levels – cortisol is the stress hormone – our levels of cortisol are highest usually in the mornings as it gives the body a natural boost to get up and go. Having a rushed and hectic morning can release more cortisol, therefore, setting you up for a more stressful day. Starting your day with bed yoga may help to reduce anxiety and allow you to start the day with a positive mindset and maintain a happy mood throughout the day.

Some other great benefits of bed yoga include reducing muscle stiffness, allowing time for yourself each day, aiding the digestive system, and boosting your concentration and focus.

Morning bed yoga routine

Hold each pose for around 20 – 30 seconds, concentrate on your breathing throughout the yoga poses and relax.

If you are a novice in yoga then don’t push yourself too far, only stretch as far as you feel comfortable. Maybe investigate some beginner yoga lessons to get some background knowledge and practice before you embed yoga into your routine every day.

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