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Seven Tips to Help You Get Out of Bed as the Mornings Get Darker

22nd October 2019

Slumber Centre

As the mornings begin to get darker, we know how hard it can be to crawl out of bed. That’s why we’re sharing some of the best tips to ease the winter mornings and help you wake up when it’s still dark outside

1. Maintain your sleep schedule

Whilst it may be all too easy to lose track of your sleep schedule as the mornings begin to get darker, maintaining a consistent routine is key to combating the urge to sleep in – and that means weekends too! By falling asleep and waking at the same time every day, your body will find it much easier to transition to the darker mornings.

2. Steer clear of the snooze button

We get it, the temptation to hit snooze is all too real when the mornings still feel like the middle of the night, but hitting snooze may be counterproductive to feeling energised, and you are only delaying the inevitable! If you know you’ll need a little extra sleep on those dark winter mornings, it is much better to set a later alarm and enjoy an uninterrupted extra 10 minutes of sleep rather than snoozing your alarm.

3. Fake it ‘til you make it with sunrise lamps and smart light bulbs

Natural light resets your circadian rhythm to keep your body clock on track, and sends a wake up message to your brain. When it’s still dark outside, simulate dawn by setting your bedside lamp on a timer to half an hour before you wake up, or invest in a sunrise lamp which can gradually brighten your room.

4. Drink water, lots of water!

Starting your day with a glass of water will not only help to re-hydrate you after your slumber, but will also help get your blood and body moving first thing in the morning, kick-starting your metabolism and fuelling your brain.

5. Hop in the shower straight away

Jumping into the shower and alternating between warm and cold water can work wonders for those who find it hard to wake up on those dark mornings. Whilst the thought of a cold shower may not sound very appealing, particularly in the colder months, this is a great way to improve your circulation and fight off fatigue.

6. Get active

A morning exercise routine is a great way to start the day and help boost your natural energy levels, even if it’s as simple as a brisk walk, stretching or yoga. Whilst getting active may seem too ambitious when you can barely crawl out of bed, your body will reap the benefits of getting your blood pumping and revving up your nervous system, allowing you to feel more alert in the moment, and throughout the rest of the morning.

7. Fuel up

Are you a breakfast person? Whether you feel hungry on a morning or not, trying to have a small morning meal to fuel up can be especially beneficial when its cold and gloomy outside. We recommend trying a light bite such as a small bowl of porridge or an egg with a slice of whole-grain toast to provide your body with the energy it needs to get going on a morning. Choosing a healthy slow-release breakfast will help you to feel more alert and improve cognitive function. Now that sounds like something worth getting out of bed for!