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The Best Mattress for Cold Sleepers

4th January 2023

Slumber Centre

As we hit the peak of winter cold temperatures can sometimes disrupt our sleep schedules. With the rising cost of electricity and gas bills, we know staying warm through the night can be rather difficult which is why we have detailed the best mattresses for cold sleepers to achieve a restful night’s sleep.

With staying warm being at the top of most people’s lists this winter, we spoke with our Sleep Expert, Rebecca who has shared her advice on choosing a mattress to help you retain body heat.

What is a cold sleeper?

You’ll know you’re a cold sleeper if you find yourself waking up throughout the night feeling chilly and shivering. Cold sleepers find it difficult to retain body heat whilst they sleep, even in warmer climates.

Tips for cold sleepers

  1. Wear socks – we know there’s a huge debate between those of us that sleep with socks on and those of us that sleep without socks but wearing some warming fluffy socks whilst you sleep is a great hack for those that wake up cold.
  2. Drink a warm drink before bed.
  3. Check the material of your nightwear – if you can, consider investing in silk or wool nightwear, as they can help regulate your temperature.
  4. Add an additional blanket – even if you have a duvet - but make sure the blanket is underneath the duvet, not over.

One of the biggest tips we can offer is changing your mattress.

At Harrison Spinks we understand that individuals have different requirements of their mattresses which is why we have developed various ranges, all containing the highest quality natural fillings and the most innovative spring technology.

One of the best types of mattresses for those that struggle with temperature regulation, whether cold or warm is our Harrison Spinks Seasonal Turn mattresses.

The natural properties of our luxurious fillings allow us to create two different sleeping surfaces to coincide with the seasons. With a warm wool blend on one sleep surface for Winter and a cool cotton blend surface for Summer, they ensure you are exactly the right temperature all year round.

Whether you’re looking for a high quality and reasonably priced mattress like the Bluebell 5750 or a luxurious cashmere and silk filled bed like the Orchid 28750, there’s a restful, warm sleep for everyone available at Harrison Spinks.

Some more examples of mattresses great for cold sleepers:

  • Wisteria 26400
  • Hvar 16000
  • Santorini 27000

Ultimately, finding the right mattress for you is personal and specific to you which is why we always recommend visiting one of our retailers to test out how the mattresses feel for yourself. Our retailers are true experts and can access, advise, and recommend the perfect mattress for you. Use our Find a Retailer search on our website to find a retailer closest to you.

To conclude, if you find yourself waking through the night, cold and wishing you could stay warm, try our tips, and consider changing your mattress to a specialised temperature regulating mattress like our Seasonal Turn mattresses.

You can see more of our Seasonal Turn mattresses here: