Seasonal Turn

The natural properties of our luxurious fillings allow us to create two different surfaces to every seasonal turn mattress. With Warm for Winter wool blends on one sleeping surface and Cool for Summer cotton blends on the other, Harrison mattresses ensure you are exactly the right temperature all year round.

At Harrison, we tailor our beds and mattresses to you. We understand that everyone has different requirements from their bed, which is why we have developed different ranges, all containing the highest quality natural fillings and the most innovative spring technology. We remain advocates that the best way to choose a bed is to be fitted in store by one of our bed experts.

Mattress only prices from £799


Comfort from natural fillings

  • Flax, Hemp, Cotton & Egyptian Cotton Blends
  • 100% British Sheep's Wool
  • Cashmere - Softer & Stronger
  • Mohair - The Finest of Textures
  • Horsehair - For Sumptuous Layering

Superior award-winning support

  • HD Lightweight Titanium Springs
  • Revolution Spring System
  • Hand Side Stitching
  • True Edge Base With 2500 Pocket Springs

For your health and wellbeing

  • Warm Side / Cool Side
  • Purotex - Allergy Free
  • Natural Viscose Mattress Cover
  • HD Airflow - Breathable Springs

A bed with your name on it

Innovative sleep systems

  • Inside every Harrison Spinks bed, there are several thousand miracles of engineering at work. Benefiting from the most innovative technology in the world, a Harrison Spinks bed will adapt to your body’s unique shape, regardless of your sleeping position. Our Millennium award-winning Revolution spring-within-spring system, combined with our High Density (HD) pocket springs, means a Harrison Spinks mattress offers unrivalled levels of comfort and support.

  • Good posture is essential to a good night’s sleep. Whether you are standing up or lying down, your spine should always be aligned. This is because a straight spine puts less strain on your hips and shoulders.
    Since no two spines are the same, all of our Harrison Spinks beds are available in different levels of support: gently supportive, medium support and firm support. This is achieved by varying the tensions in the Revolution spring. You and your partner may have different requirements, so we can even tailor each side of the same mattress to a different level of firmness. For this reason, we believe it is essential you visit one of our bed experts to ensure you select the mattress that gives you the best sleeping posture.

  • We pride ourselves on the 100% natural fillings used in our hand-made mattresses. Each luxurious filling pad that is layered into a Harrison Spinks bed is made from the finest natural fibres, some of which are grown on our very own farm. More exotic materials such as cashmere and Egyptian cotton are carefully sourced to ensure their quality, before we blend them into sumptuous fillings at our Leeds factory.

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