Optimum Support Ortho Mattress Collection

Specifically designed for those who prefer an extra firm sleep surface. Also, a great solution for those who sleep on their back, or their front, as an extra firm mattress helps alleviate arching of the lower back.

The range consists of two seasonal turn mattresses and two non-turn mattresses offering options to suit every preference.

Featuring a firming needled hemp layer that gives the sleeper extra support and when combined with our unique micro coil springs, each luxury mattress offers perfect lumbar comfort.

Available at over 700 retailers nationwide

Other Harrison Spinks ranges

Seasonal Turn Mattress Collection

12 mattresses

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Featuring Warm Side / Cool Side technology, our Seasonal Turn mattresses ensure you maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.

Pillowtop Mattress Collection

8 mattresses

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With the addition of a sumptuous layer that you sleep in, rather than on, providing the ultimate in comfort.

Turn Free Mattress Collection

12 mattresses

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Offering all the support you would expect from a Harrison Spinks mattress without the need to turn it with the seasons.