Best mattress for couples

The Best Mattress for Couples

25th October 2021

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Snoring, overheating, jiggling the bed – they’re all common problems experienced by people who share a bed. We’ve all been there, lying awake silently seething with our significant other snoring away, or trying to move as far away from each other as possible on a hot summer night. When you finally do drop off, they’re getting up for the bathroom — shaking the mattress and waking you up again.

There’s also the issue of comfort – different people need different tensions in a mattress, and if one of you needs gentle and the other needs firm, one of you isn’t going to be getting the right amount of support.

Not to worry though – read on for our advice on how to buy the perfect mattress for both of you.

How to buy a mattress as a couple

Our best advice would be to go into a store together where you can try out the mattresses in person at the same time. A sales assistant will be able to help you decide what type of mattress will suit you best – this is impacted by many different factors, including your usual sleeping position, body weight and size, and the amount of support you require.

You should also consider your preferred materials and fillings – you might prefer all natural materials, like wool and hemp, or you may opt for something along the lines of polyester. Make sure you lie on the beds in the show room, in your usual position with a pillow. Don’t feel self-conscious – it’s a big purchase and you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, so you need to make sure it’s right!

When buying as a couple, here’s what to look out for:

  • Movement isolation - check that one of you can climb in and out of the bed without disturbing the other.
  • Ease of movement – it should be easy to turn over and move around on the bed.
  • Firmness level - it needs to be the right firmness to ensure comfort and support.
  • Edge support – you should be able to use every inch of the bed, so support around the edges of the mattress is important.
Best mattress for couples how to buy

What kind of mattress is best for couples?

A pocket sprung mattress can address some of the issues often faced by couples. They offer a really good level of support, so shouldn’t sink or cave with the other person’s weight and should minimise disturbances from your partner moving. They’re also good for temperature regulation – unlike foam or latex, pocket springs allow airflow to move through the coils, helping to keep you from overheating.

You can also choose a mattress made from a material that helps with temperature regulation such as wool. Wool wicks away moisture and helps to keep you cool, so should help if you find you get too warm whilst sharing a bed.

You should also consider the size of your mattress. Lots of couples opt for a double, but if there are two of you sleeping in a double bed then you both have less space than a single bed each. King size beds are the equivalent of two singles put together, so if you have the space, we’d advise at least a king. You can always move over to cuddle up if that’s your thing, but at least you have the option of your own space when you need it!

You might also like to consider the environmental impact of the mattress – for example, it might be important to you and your partner that your mattress is made of sustainable fabrics or is recyclable at the end of its life. You can read our sustainability report to find out all the ways we’re working to create a healthier sleep for you and the planet.

Best mattress for couples pocket sprung

What is the best mattress firmness for couples?

There’s no one answer to this unfortunately. It really depends on your own personal preferences as to what firmness you opt for. Again, we’d always recommend going into a store and trying the mattresses for yourself.

If as a couple you do have different needs, you could consider a dual tension mattress. At Harrison Spinks, all of our mattresses are made to order, so we can make them where one side may be gentle tension and the other firm or medium. Whatever you like! Alternatively, if don’t want a dual tension mattress, we would suggest opting for the firmer of the choices and investing in a good quality topper to soften up one side.

Best mattress for couples firmness


So what is the best mattress for couples? Well, really it depends on the couple. What suits one couple might not suit another, and there are many different factors to weigh up. We can’t say it enough – it’s really important that you go into a store and try some beds before you buy.

Generally, though, we would suggest a pocket sprung mattress to help with stability, made from a temperature regulating fabric like wool. It’s also definitely worth considering a dual tension mattress if you each prefer a different level of firmness. All of these things should really help both you and your partner to get a good nights sleep – although we can’t help with snoring! Maybe some earplugs?