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Did you see us on BBC Look North?

13th January 2017


Did you see Harrison Spinks on BBC Look North? Back in December, Harrison Spinks had an exciting visit from BBC Look North’s journalist Danni Hewson. Armed with her recording equipment, Danni first explored the Harrison Spinks Farm. Here you’ll find all the natural ingredients that fill our beds, from prized sheep which are reared in exchange for their pure-grade wool, to harvesting acres of hemp and flax.

Danni’s visit focused on the new arrivals at the farm, a flock of Wensleydale sheep and the sustainable story behind Harrison Spinks. The flock of 23 Wensleydales joined the already 600 sheep on the farm and were undertaken to help promote the breed which is now on the rare breeds watch list. To find out more about the great new additions, along with everything else that takes place on the farm, Danni Hewson interviewed one of our farmers, Liam McPartland.

Look North Liam Mcpartland
Liam McPartland

Following Liam’s interview, John Horsfield, who works in the Hemp factory at the farm was interviewed. He communicated the benefits of using Hemp as a mattress filling, along with all of its’ unique properties, such as being a highly absorbent material and naturally resistant to mildew, helping to keep our beds fresh and hygienic. We use Hemp in our mattresses to replace man made fibres such as foam and polyesters. Find out here why it is better to sleep naturally.

Look North John Horsfield
John Horsfield

For the second segment of Danni Hewson’s reporting, she visited our Leeds’ site, where the rest of the mattress is hand-made by our skilled bed-makers. Here, she interviewed the Chairman of Harrison Spinks, Peter Spinks and Steve Brougham, the Sales Director of one of our bed brands, Harrison. As well as finding out more about the history of Harrison Spinks from Peter, Steve revealed what issues such as inflation and Brexit might affect the bed business.

Look North Peter Spinks
Peter Spinks
Look North Steve Broughan
Steve Brougham

Having Danni visit and film for BBC Look North, was a brilliant opportunity to showcase Harrison Spinks and its unique story.

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