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Why Do The Clock Go Back?

27th October 2018

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We hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s that time of year again when the clocks go back and those dark, chilly nights set in. Are you prepared for winter? And why do the clocks go back in the first place? Read ahead to learn more! 

Daylight Savings Time was officially introduced following the Summer Time Act of 1916, this followed a campaign backed by William Willett (Chris Martin’s Great Great Grandfather) who believed that doing this would save on energy costs and allow people to have more time outdoors in the morning. However the main reason seemed to be to increase labour hours during the First World War.

Conveniently, when the clocks go back, you also get an extra precious hour in bed. You can read just how beneficial this can be for you here! https://www.harrisonspinks.co.uk/under-the-covers/how-much-can-an-extra-hours-sleep-change-you

Slumber Centre

We feel the turning of the clocks however is also a great way to remember to flip or rotate your Harrison Spinks mattress.

As you know, Harrison Spinks mattresses are made up of multiple layers of luxurious natural fillings just below the sleeping surface and overtime these fillings get to know your body shape. Flipping and rotating your mattress allows the natural fillings to settle more evenly and we have found that the best way to remember to do this is when the clocks change twice a year.

Seasonal turn mattresses have both a warm side for Winter and a cool side for Summer and when the clocks change on Sunday night this will be a great reminder to flip over to the warm side, ready for the colder months, with the natural fillings allowing you to keep warm during the winter nights. All seasonal turn mattresses come with a label displaying the difference between the warm and cool side and this label will always be on the warm side of the mattress.

If you own a pillow top or a turn free mattress with only one sleeping surface this only needs to be rotated 180 degrees regularly. These mattresses are more convenient for those who are unable to lift and flip their mattress.

If you are unable to flip or rotate your mattress, the fillings in your mattress will settle eventually, it may just take them a little longer to do so evenly.