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What your sleeping position says about you

31st January 2018

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It might not be something we immediately think of when getting our heads down to sleep but good posture is as important in bed as it is when sitting or standing. The key to a good sleep is being completely comfortable in bed, and finding the position that allows us to do this is essential. But did you know that your sleeping position can reveal some hints of your personality? Or that sleeping in some certain positions could be causing aches and pains and put unnecessary strain on joints?

The most important factor when choosing a sleeping position is keeping your spinal alignment correct. Putting too much pressure on certain points of your spine can lead to aches and pains as your body isn’t being properly supported. Click here for more information.

On your front

Also known as the ‘freefall’ position, front sleepers have a very open and free personality type. They also have a tendency to be outgoing and brash on the outside but anxious and insecure about their work on the inside.

This position isn’t advisable as it doesn’t provide full support to the spine to keep it naturally aligned, and can put pressure on your neck if your pillows raise your head up too much. This position would benefit from a firmer mattress as one that is too soft can leave you sinking in and puts an unnatural curve in the spine. It also helps to get a pillow which is slightly flatter which will allow your neck to remain in a supported position and not put too much strain on the neck muscles.

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On your side

Side sleepers are the most common of all of us, with three distinct positions.

The log – straight arm and leg sleepers are more likely to be easy going, trusting people who tend to be set in their methods.

The yearner – similar to the log but with arms outstretched, this position indicates a very open and inviting nature although they may have difficulty making final decisions.

The foetus – this is the most common sleeping position, with just over 4 in 10 of us sleeping this way. Foetal sleepers have a tough exterior but are soft, warm and organised people. This is also the best position for during pregnancy; just make sure that your bump is supported with a pillow.

Side sleeping positions can increase acid reflux or heartburn issues when sleeping on the right side due to the curved shape of the stomach allowing acid back up the oesophagus, sleeping on the left side is advised to remedy this, although professional medical advice should always be followed.

For side sleepers a medium or softer mattress is best so that the hips and shoulders can be supported properly but the spine is kept in a natural position. Pillows should also help with positioning the head to keep in line with the spine.

Bed Position 2

On your back

Most popular with younger sleepers, sleeping on your back is more likely to wake you up feeling refreshed but also makes snoring worse due to sleep apnoea, restriction of the airways in the throat. Not great for if you sleep with a partner!

The soldier – laying flat on your back with arms and legs by your side, just like a soldier standing to attention. This position usually indicates a person is more reserved and quiet and expects high standards from people.

The starfish – more commonly known as the ‘bed hogger’ starfish sleepers sleep with arms and legs wide open covering most of the bed. Starfish are good listeners if not a bit shy but are also very helpful.

Sleeping on your back would benefit from a medium to firm mattress depending on your size, as the weight is spread more evenly over the surface. As with the other positions though, a pillow that fully supports the head and neck to keep the natural position of the spine is essential to avoid neck strain.

Bed Position 3
Bed Position 4

The important thing to remember is, however you sleep, to be fully comfortable in bed in order to get the best quality sleep that you can. At Harrison we always recommend trying out a new mattress or bed before buying, to try any of our Harrison mattresses out near you take a look at our find a bed expert page.

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