Making the Emerald Mattress

19th August 2019

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We no longer produce the Emerald mattress as seen on Inside The Factory. The episode was filmed in 2019, and we have since developed new technology which means all of our new mattresses are fully recyclable. We’ve selected the following mattresses as similar to the Emerald: 

Lavender 18,400 |

Hvar 16,000

Elba 11,000

Hollyhock 10,750

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Here at Harrison Spinks, we know when it comes to the comfort and support of our beds, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. But we don’t just want you to take our word for it. That's why we’re inviting you to take a peek inside our Emerald 14,000 and see for yourself just what makes our most popular Harrison mattress feel so luxurious!

What's Inside?

Innovative Spring Technology

Designed and made in-house by our innovative development team, the Emerald mattress contains 14,000 individual springs to provide exceptional comfort and support.

Revolution Spring System - At the heart of the Emerald mattress lies our Revolution Spring System, a small spring sitting inside a larger one to create a two-stage action of support. The outer spring offers a high degree of comfort for lighter areas of the body, while the inner spring delivers further support to areas that absorb the most pressure during sleep, such as the shoulders and hips.

Posturfil Pocket Spring - A layer of Posturfil mini pocket springs are added to work with your body shape and help to reduce settlement of the natural fillings in your mattress, continuing to offer comfortable support throughout the lifetime of the mattress.

Microlution 5000 Airflow Spring System – Finally, hard-working Microlution layers are added to the Emerald mattress, comprising of a tall mini-spring enclosed within a High Density (HD) spring to contour your body and relieve pressure points. Breathability is enhanced as cool air is directed into your mattress through the perforated pockets encasing the springs.


Natural Fibre Fillings

Grown on our own farm in North Yorkshire, generous layers of inherently fire retardant wools, softest cottons and absorbent flax add luxurious comfort to the Emerald mattress, as well as Warm Side / Cool Side technology.

Wool Viscose Blend – Viscose is a versatile and lightweight fibre derived from eucalyptus, beech and pine trees and is blended with our home-grown wool to add a breathable, highly absorbent layer to the Emerald mattress.

Natural Wool Blend – Soft, springy and naturally supportive, this wool layer will help to regulate body temperature and keep you dry.

Flax Blend – A strong, organic flax layer is added to the Emerald mattress to improve moisture management and add comforting stability.

Natural Cotton Blend – This soft layer has strong wicking properties, further ensuring you stay cool and dry for your best night’s sleep.

Wool fillings

Handcrafting the Mattress

Once the spring systems and fillings have been selected, the Emerald mattress is ready to be finished by hand. The Revolution core unit is delivered down a shute to our highly skilled craftsmen, where a wire frame is then attached to the edges using a hog ring gun. This frame will ensure that the mattress keeps it’s shape.

Harrisons 99

Our expert team will then hand side-stitch the borders to the mattress, using a using a 12-inch double-sided needle and a lot of patience. The Emerald mattress has three rows of side-stitching to provide structure and support, which will take roughly 3 hours to sew by hand.


Once the borders are attached, it is time to layer the fillings. Posturfil springs are layered on top of the Revolution core unit, followed by a layer of Microlution 5000. The natural fibre fillings will then be added, layering a Flax blend, Wool blend and Wool Viscose blend to create the Warm Side, before finishing with the chemical free mattress cover. This is woven in house on our state of the art looms, leaving the Emerald soft to the touch. The mattress will then be flipped, repeating the layering process to create the Cool Side of the mattress which consists of Flax blend, Cotton blend and Wool Viscose blend fillings pads.


In order to keep the layers in place, tufts will be driven through the Emerald mattress at regular intervals, securing all of pocket springs and natural fillings. This traditional, double-sided process is also completed by hand.

In the final stage of handcrafting the Emerald, our highly skilled craftsmen attach the sleep surface to the mattress borders using a tape-edging machine. This process is carried out very carefully, ensuring the edges are neat and tight.

Harrisons 135

From its innovative spring technology, to its sumptuous natural fibre fillings, it’s no wonder the Emerald is our most popular Harrison mattress, as well as featuring on BBC Two's Inside the Factory!

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