How To Sleep When It’s Too Hot

6th June 2019

Slumber Centre

As we hit the middle of June, we’re all starting to wonder if this summer will be as good as the last… If it is, we may have one or two restless, sweaty nights ahead of us. A quarter of the population say they struggle to sleep in the heat so it’s no surprise that people are constantly looking for new ways to grab a good night’s sleep when your bedroom represents more of a sauna. 

With serious shut-eye at the top of the agenda, John Paul Barnett, mattress tester and sleep expert at Harrison Spinks, shares his tips on managing moisture and staying cool at night:

1. Choose cotton

Ditch the polyester for the summer – it’s all about cotton. Cotton is soft, absorbent and has good wicking properties meaning it will keep you cool and dry through the hot summer nights. Lightweight cotton sheets will help promote ventilation and airflow in the bedroom due to their breathable properties. Bear this in mind when deciding what to wear to bed as well – cotton pyjamas will keep you cooler than polyester.

2. Unplug

Any electrical items in your bedroom, no matter how big or small, will be giving off heat and contributing to the warmth of your room. Therefore – unplug! Unplug any electricals that you aren’t using; this will keep any unwanted heat at bay and ensure your bedroom temperature is at a minimum.

3. Cool off

You may think the best way to cool down is to have a cold shower. This will momentarily cool you down however it is not the answer! It will also close down your pores meaning you’ll sweat less and therefore be even hotter. Try having a lukewarm shower before bed instead, this will still cool you down but it will also help keep you cool through the night.

4. Go natural

Your choice of mattress will also play a part in helping you sleep when it’s hot. You might not know that foam or memory foam mattresses trap heat that can cause you to overheat, leading to a restless night’s sleep. Natural fillings such as wool, cotton, flax and mohair are breathable and will help to regulate your body’s temperature and keep you comfy at night, whatever the weather.

Hemp in particular is ten times more absorbent than cotton and its hollow structure is excellent at drawing away moisture from the body during the night, meaning you remain cool, fresh and undisturbed while you sleep.

5. Find a fan

The most obvious and probably effective cooler is an electrical fan. Nothing cools you down and keeps your bedroom at a bearable temperature better than a good old-fashioned fan. Having a fan on your bedside will help move the air around your body and increase the chance of sweat evaporating, making it easier to sleep when it’s hot.

6. Build a breeze

An hour before bedtime, open the windows in your bedroom to increase air circulation and lower the temperature. Don’t forget; before you fall asleep make sure you close the window as this will stop your room heating up with warm air during the night. Keep your curtains shut during the day when your windows are open – this will stop the sun getting in and the temperature rising.

7. Take your pick

Picking your duvet wisely is also important, and this isn’t just about the thickness but the filling too. We recommend investing in an all seasonal duvet, consisting of two separate duvets that have different Tog ratings. One duvet is a lighter, summer Tog of 4.5, while the warmer duvet usually 10.5 Tog combined together will give you a Tog of 15, keeping you toasty during the colder months and allowing you to stay cool with the 4.5 Tog duvet in the summer. Down feather duvets are our particular favourite because of their natural fillings.