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How to create a perfect sleep environment

24th August 2017

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The key to a good night’s rest starts with having an environment in which you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you’re struggling for inspiration on how you can achieve this take a look at our simple tips to help you create your perfect sleep environment.

Match your mood with wall colours

Soft neutral colours such as light greys, beiges, creams or pastels can help to make your bedroom feel light and spacious, and adding hints of cool blues or light greens can be calm and soothing. Pairing these colours with soft reds and warm browns creates a cosy, warm and relaxing space.

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Keep it clean and tidy

Tidy room, tidy mind. Keep your bedroom free of clutter and mess to help keep your mind stress free. Keeping your sheets and pillows clean and fresh makes going to bed a pleasure, whilst also helping you to stay healthy by killing any bacteria or allergens hidden between the fibres.

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Light up your mornings

Waking up with the assistance of natural light coming into the room can help maintain your body clock’s natural rhythm by giving you a gentle nudge reminding you that it is time to wake up. Having blinds or curtains that block light on a night-time but let some light through in the morning is great for keeping your natural rhythm ticking along and can help to regulate your sleeping pattern.

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Relaxing smells

Lavender is well suited for relaxing. Studies have shown that lavender calms the nervous system and reduces anxiety, which is perfect for bedtime. Jasmine and vanilla also have a similar effect. Some alarm clocks are available that release bursts of citrus or peppermint fragrance to assist in waking you up in a morning and make you feel more alert.

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Drown out excess noise

For light sleepers, small infrequent noises could prove disruptive to continuous sleep. White noise can block out these other disruptive noises, helping you to sleep soundly. This could come in many different forms, from electric fans or air conditioning to specialist white noise producing apps or machines.

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Music before bed

Listening to some relaxing music before bed or listening to your favourite songs can trigger feel-good chemicals in your brain and slow your heartbeat down, which can help you fall to sleep quicker and make you sleep longer.

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