How often should you change your mattress

How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?

15th July 2021

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When it comes to changing your mattress, The Sleep Council recommends every 6 – 8 years, but in reality we know it can be easy to lose track and, before you know it, it’s been a lot longer than that.

However, it’s important to keep up with changing your mattress as, over time, it will gradually decline in quality and therefore start to affect your sleep. Read on for an insight into why it’s so important to keep on top of the timings and the signs to look out for that may suggest your mattress is no longer providing you with the support you need.

Why do I need to change my mattress?

You need to make sure that you’re giving your body the support it needs to ensure you’re getting the best night’s sleep that you possibly can.

Over time, your mattress absorbs things like sweat, dust and dead skin cells which will damage it and gradually reduce its quality in terms of hygiene.

In addition, the fillings in your mattress will become less comfortable due to general wear and tear, and you might start to notice lumps and bumps when you’re trying to get comfy. To ensure better support, you’ll need a fresh, clean mattress that suits your body as it might have changed since you bought your last one.

How often to change your mattress why

How often should I change my mattress?

The official advice is to change your mattress every 6-8 years but this can vary between different brands and mattress types. However, certain changes in your body could mean you need a new one sooner than this, such as an injury, weight gain or pregnancy.

If you think it might be nearly time for a change, look out for these key signs:

  • Aches and pains
  • Increased tossing and turning through the night
  • Sluggish feeling when you wake up
  • Visible dips (not to be confused with the fillings settling in the first few months of having your mattress)
  • Visible lumps and bumps
  • Tears in lining
  • Sagging

It’s also important to recognise when you might just need a refresh rather than a whole new mattress to save on unnecessary expense. Changing your sheets or mattress protector can create a much fresher sleeping environment and help you sleep better by keeping your immediate surface clean, hygienic, and like new, as well as preventing allergies from flaring up.

How often change a mattress

What affects my mattress’ lifespan?

Issues that can affect the lifespan of your mattress are things like:

  • The type of mattress - how it’s built or put together, and the materials
  • Care routine
  • Strains – the weight and sleeping position of the sleeper
  • Using a mattress protector – this can be a really good way to help protect your mattress and ensure it lasts as long as it can

Try to either minimise the strains on your mattress or choose a mattress that completely suits your sleeping habits and lifestyle.


In summary, your mattress should be changed every 6-8 years, unless you notice a visible sign of wear and tear, notice your sleep quality declining or have a distinct lifestyle change that could put strain on your existing one.

If it’s time for you to change your mattress, read our top 20 tips on how to choose your new mattress and speak to your nearest retailer to find out the best style for you.