Can you sleep on new mattress right away

Can You Sleep On a New Mattress Straight Away?

28th September 2021

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Getting a new mattress isn’t a regular occurrence, but it is an exciting one, and just like any parcel that arrives you’ll want to open it and use your lovely new purchase straight away. However, should you really be sleeping on your brand-new mattress?

Can you sleep on a new mattress straight away?

The short answer is no. Most mattress labels will say it's not supposed to be used within 24 hours, which as a rule is the recommended time you should wait after opening to use the mattress - and with good reason. After you’ve spent your hard-earned money on a sumptuous new bed, the last thing you would want to do is damage it, and sleeping on it straight away could do this.

Why wait 24 hours?

New mattresses will often come rolled or compressed for delivery, so it will need to expand back to its useable size before you sleep on top of it, or it will be very uncomfortable. The process of the mattress expanding back to that size takes around 24 hours, but this can vary depending on the mattress size, firmness, and material, so you may want to wait even longer to make sure your mattress is in perfect condition for a glorious night’s sleep.

Check the specifications on your order for the exact size in inches of the mattress you have purchased. You will then need to wait until it has expanded to this size (not a millimetre less), and all corners are properly reshaped, until you can even think about sleeping on it.

It is also not advised to put sheets straight onto a new mattress, that is because it needs to receive proper air flow after being packaged up, so it has chance to properly air out.

Some mattresses, especially memory foam, can produce off-gassing which contains chemicals that can be toxic, and will produce unpleasant smells that will do anything but help you drift off at night. Our 100% natural, foam-free, glue-free, FR chemical-free mattresses won’t do this, but they will still have a natural smell, and it’s still important to fulfil the wait time to avoid an uncomfortable experience.

New mattress wait 24 hours before sleeping

Can I sleep on my pocket sprung mattress straight away?

Though memory foam mattresses need off-gassing when you first unpack them, natural materials may also give off a natural scent. There will also be VOCs, which stands for volatile organic chemicals, that can become concentrated in areas such as tight packaging and boxes. This means whatever material or type of mattress you buy, it should be properly aired before use.

We recommend airing your mattress in a ventilated room for a minimum of two weeks, leaving the duvet turned back for it to get proper airflow. Airing out your mattress between sheet changes is also recommended, as it can prolong the life of your mattress and keep it in better condition. This means that the longer you wait, the better it will be for your fresh purchase.

How to break in a new mattress

Initially your new mattress may feel too firm, but this is completely normal as the materials in a mattress will need time to adjust to your body, to soften and to stretch out, so it’s able to give you the full support you require. It can take a good few weeks for the mattress to settle, and you will have to take some steps to break in your mattress for you to get the most out of it.

First, let the mattress breathe without any sheets, laid down flat, with all the windows open to eradicate any new mattress smell. You can then apply some pressure, but not too much! We suggest crawling on your mattress, and if it feels too hard you should knead it gently with your hands and knees. As much as you may be tempted to jump straight onto your new mattress, don’t be too harsh with it or this could cause damage.

You will also have to consider your existing bed frame, which the mattress will adjust and conform to, and if it’s already worn out, this could negatively affect the mattress you have just bought. Therefore, if possible before you make your purchase, you should consider whether you also need a new bed frame.

Once you have waited, aired your mattress out, and taken the steps to break it in, make sure you sleep on it every night. It needs to be laid on often, especially in the first few months, so if you have bought a new mattress for your spare room then you must bear this in mind.

Can i sleep on pocket sprung mattress right away


At the very least, your newly purchased mattress should be left to expand and reshape from its delivery for 24 hours. However, if you want to really get the most comfort out of your mattress, prolong its life, and ultimately have the best experience sleeping in your new bed, you should air out and ventilate it as soon as it arrives for around two weeks.

This will cover all bases and ensure that whatever type of mattress you have bought has the best chance of being everything you dreamed of – and more! Don’t forget to gently break it in once it has expanded back to the specified size, and then make sure you sleep on it every night. It’s what you and your new mattress deserve.