Can you sleep on new mattress right away

Can You Sleep On Your New Harrison Spinks Mattress Straight Away?

8th February 2023

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Getting a new mattress isn’t a regular occurrence, but it is an exciting one, and just like any delivery that arrives you’ll want to open it and use your lovely new purchase straight away.

However, should you really be sleeping on your brand-new mattress?

The short answer is yes, absolutely, your new Harrison Spinks mattress is perfectly okay to sleep on straight away the moment it arrives.

You may notice your Harrison Spinks mattress is slightly smaller by a few centimetres than the mattress you tried at the retailer’s showroom but do not worry, as the natural fillings in your mattress settle, it will readjust to its proper size.

Unlike foam mattresses that need to be aired out due to the potential production of off-gassing which contains chemicals that can be unpleasant you can put sheets on our mattresses straight away as we are 100% foam free, glue free and FR chemical free.

Due to our mattresses using natural fillings, there can be a natural smell to the mattress for a few days, but this does not prevent you sleeping on it. You can help disperse the natural smell by pulling back the sheets throughout the day when you’re not using the bed and keeping the room ventilated with an open window. We also recommend airing your mattress between sheet changes to help prolong the life of your mattress.

New mattress wait 24 hours before sleeping

How to break in a new Harrison Spinks mattress?

We recommend the settlement period of a new Harrison Spinks mattress is usually around 12 weeks where you will need to follow the steps in your care guide to ensure you get the most out of your mattress. Initially, your new mattress may feel firmer than the mattress you tried in store, but this is completely normal as the materials in the mattress will need time to adjust to your body, to soften and stretch out, so it’s able to give you the full support you need.

Before using your new mattress, we would recommend considering your current bed frame/divan. Your existing bed frame/divan should be in good condition as worn out and damaged ones can negatively impact the comfort, longevity and warranty of your new mattress. Therefore, if possible, you should assess whether you will need a new bed frame/divan as well.

Sleeping on your mattress regularly after purchase and following the turning and/or rotating instructions in your care guide ensures the fillings inside the mattress settle evenly and prevent sagging and dips.

In conclusion, your new Harrison Spinks mattress that is made with natural fillings can be slept on straight after being delivered to your home. Our advice applies to Harrison Spinks beds and cannot be used for other mattress manufacturing companies, we would always recommend contacting the manufacturer on instructions about your purchase.

For further information on caring for your new Harrison Spinks mattress please refer to the care guide that came with your mattress. You can access additional information on turning and rotating our mattress by reading our blog here:

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