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Bedroom decorating: Style Inspiration

22nd January 2018

Beautiful Bedrooms

Who doesn’t love a freshly decorated bedroom? We’ve gathered some of our favourite bedroom decorating trends to give you some inspiration for that big re-style; from bold patterns to soft colours and plenty in-between there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Maximalism - floral prints and plenty of patterns and big artwork

The polar opposite of the minimalism theme, why not try loud patterns, bright colours and mismatching materials? Items do not need to match, rather the opposite, pieces are meant to juxtapose and stand out from each other, creating an ‘organised chaos’ of sorts. Maybe not one for everyone…


Hanging lamps

An ideal way to make small spaces seem bigger, hanging lamps save on floor space yet keep light and decoration in a room. Having multiple light sources that spread the light around the room takes the focus from a central ceiling light, emphasising the full extent of the space. Similarly hanging tables next to beds achieves the same effect on saving space and can fit in well with rustic themes.


Different lighting

On the topic of lighting, modern round lamps and full ceiling lighting bring a new dimension to modern design. Multiple hanging bulb lights or cluster lights make interesting pieces with little effort. Choices of bulbs are always important as well. ‘Antique’ style bulbs give out a warm orange colour whilst LED bulbs or strip lights can produce a variety of colours, just make sure to keep the bedroom nice and dark when you’re going to sleep!


Patterned wallpaper

Exotic palm prints obviously work well with houseplants and add life to a room. For a toned down look, grey and white accents achieve a similar silhouette and texture. Introduce a ‘fifth-wall’ by adding bold wallpaper to ceilings.

Wallpapers03 /


Metallic tiles, mirrors, lamps and hanging rails echo the themes of industrialism seen seen over the last few years. Mainly an inner city trend although glimpses can be styled into most bedrooms, metallic colours and pieces compliment exposed brick and monochrome themes well.

Lamda001 Metallic


Velvet is another nod to past trends, mainly from the 70’s and can be used to add flair and character to a room. Bright colours add life to any bedroom with minimal effort and the soft and cosy feel makes it sumptuously touchable. If you don’t want to take the plunge with full statement pieces such as sofas, chairs, rugs or beds then cushions can add little splashes of character, and make cosying up on the sofa a treat. Our range of Seven fabrics, available for Somnus headboards and bed bases offers that exquisite velvety luxury and are available in a variety of colours to suit any room.

Legend Bed Comp

Gentle pastels

Pastels are always a winner, giving a room a calm and peaceful feel. Gentle colours such as sand, eggshell blues and grey-greens are relaxing and compliment a lot of natural furniture. Jazz them up by introducing different textures and contrasting colours.


Earthy neutrals

For more calming and soft colours that are easy on the eye and especially good for the bedroom go for earthy neutrals such as dark forest greens and warm browns that are easy to style, work well with wood furniture and create a relaxing darker atmosphere on an evening, perfect for winding down before bed.


Palettes inspired by travel

Ever-connected to the rest of the world, an emerging trend seems to be bringing colours from around the world into our homes, reminding us of all those holidays we dream of when it’s cold and grey outside. Striking blues and creamy yellows bring the outside in and take you away to those lazy beach days.