A Mattress Comparison To Consider

11th March 2020

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Many of us overlook the importance of investing in the right mattress. After all we spend a third of our lives sleeping, therefore it is imperative that you are getting a good, quality night’s sleep. Not only does a good night’s sleep leave you feeling fresher and happier in the morning, it also carries a host of health benefits, such as relieving stress and strengthening your memory.

Sleeping Fact

If you are wondering how much you should spend on a mattress and whether you can justify the price tag, you might want to compare your thought process when you bought your sofa.

Many people seem to not blink an eye when parting with thousands of pounds for something which is only sat on for a few hours each evening. However most will recoil at paying even a third of that sort of price for a good quality mattress, despite the fact that they are going to spend three times as much time lying on this piece of furniture.

Ask yourself this: How much is a good night’s sleep worth to you? The Sleep Council recommends we change our mattress every seven years, which equates to 2,555 days. So for just £1 a night, you could be enjoying a good quality £2,555 bed.

To put this in perspective, spending £2.40 on a takeaway coffee every day equates to £6,132 over seven years. Even if you only buy coffee five days a week and take holidays into account, the figure is around £4,000. Imagine the quality of bed you could purchase for this amount!

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Take that mind-set into your search for a new mattress, it should mean when you’re next in the showroom you’ll be looking at your options with much more of an open mind as well as a looser wallet if you value your sleep.