The world’s first 100% recyclable luxury mattress (Coming Soon)

Protecting the environment doesn’t have to come at the expense of a good night’s sleep. Lovingly designed and built by artisan bedmakers Harrison Spinks, the Synergy collection is a unique modern eco-friendly range that doesn’t compromise on comfort. Coming soon…

Comfort and sustainability

Synergy is quite simply an amazingly comfortable mattress. Being foam and FR chemical free, as well as fully recyclable, means it’s perfect for a healthy and environmentally friendly night’s sleep.

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Comfort and sustainability

Every year in the UK, 7.5 million mattresses end up in landfill. At Harrison Spinks we take a greener approach.


At the heart of the Synergy story is Cortec™, a heat-sealed, glue-free Eco-Spring™ system that is 100% comfortable and 100% recyclable. Designed by our award-winning in-house innovation team, Cortec™ springs deliver sustainable comfort through advanced technology.

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Targeted springs respond to each individual’s sleeping pattern

Further layers of HD 2500, HD 4000, Posturfil pocket springs and Microlution 5000 Airflow springs provide additional points of contact, for an even more targeted response to each individual’s sleeping pattern.

Targetted springs

The secret is in the springs

High tensile springs
High-Tensile Springs
Contour accuracy
Contour Accuracy
Zero landfill technology
Zero Landfill Technology

Innovative sleep systems

  • Cortec™ springs are 100% comfortable and 100% recyclable. The finest high-tensile wire is formed into innovative springs, individually pocketed and heat sealed – so no glue, no foam, no landfill.

    But they also work. Ultra-responsive, they form the supportive core of every mattress in the Adam Henson collection. Cradling the body and reacting to individual movements, they work together with layers of HD and Microlution springs to reduce pressure points and roll together, significantly improving the quality of your sleep.

  • Designed by our award-winning in-house innovation team, Cortec™ springs deliver sustainable comfort through advanced technology.

    Individually pocketed, these smaller springs create more points of contact for contour accuracy.

  • Synergy mattresses were designed with sustainability and comfort in mind, with the environment at the forefront of the design principal. These world first fully recyclable mattresses are zero to landfill and fully recyclable at end of life. Easily disassembled with a removable cover, each aspect of the mattress can be recycled through the appropriate channel.


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