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The journey of a Harrison mattress

9th November 2016


A Harrison mattress doesn’t start life in a factory, but on our 300-acre Yorkshire farm. Here we rear over 300 sheep for their wool and grow the fibres that go into our luxurious filling blends. It takes over a year to grow the ingredients for one Harrison mattress. So when we say we grow beds – we really do! Once the fillings are ready they’re transported only 18 miles away to our Leeds factory to start assembly.

Journey Sheep

The sewing room begins the process in the factory; cutting the mattress ticking to size, sewing the labels and adding the air vents and handles to the borders. Whilst this is being done – the spring department is making the springs for the mattress core, as well as smaller High Density springs that provide exceptional levels of comfort. All our springs are designed and manufactured in-house, allowing us to create a patented spring technology, producing unrivalled spring counts in our mattresses.

Journey Sewing Machine
Journey Core

The core unit is built, and the highly skilled experts hand side-stitch the borders to the core. Each bed has over 200 side stitches. This stitching helps a Harrison bed hold your body in the ideal posture, even at the outermost edges of the mattress.

Journey Mattress Stitching

No Harrison bed is complete without its sumptuous fillings. After the mattress core has been assembled, HD pocket springs and luxurious natural fillings are layered into the mattress depending on the customer’s requirements. To make sure the fillings are secure, tufts are threaded through all layers of the mattress by hand and finished off with felt or a wool pompom.

Journey Mattress Making
Journey Mattress

In the journey of a Harrison mattress, the most valuable tools are a set of hands, our craftsmen have years of experience and have their specialised skill down to a fine art. An art that a machine will never be able to master.

Journey Man

Once the layers of the mattress have been built up, the final stitches on the mattress are put in place. Our experts move around the mattress sewing the borders and top fabrics together in a process called tape edging. Your Harrison mattress is now complete.

Journey Bed

Before your mattress finds its way to you, we don’t let it leave the factory without being checked by quality control to make sure it is of consistent high quality. Once all is ready, the mattress is wrapped and loaded ready for distribution.

Next all there is to do is to enjoy many a restful night’s sleep on your new Harrison mattress. And don’t forget to follow the turning and rotating instruction that came in the Care Guide, or read our blog post on caring for your Harrison mattress.

As easy as it is to explain the journey of a Harrison mattress, a lot more care, time and hard-work goes into making one. With over 100 years of experience, we’ve learned that if we’re going to make a beautiful bed, we’ve got to do it all ourselves.