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Thank you letter from Zarach

27th October 2023


We are delighted to be supporting locally founded charity @Zarachleeds by supplying 20 custom-made mattresses each month. Zarach is a charity that has been set up to deliver beds and basics to children in poverty. We have received this personalised letter from Zarach on how our contribution is helping them on their mission to end child bed poverty.

Dear Nick

It was good to see you at the recent National Bed Federation bed show, and to personally pass on my thanks for the wonderful, continued support we receive from Harrison Spinks.

Our social mission at Zarach is to end child bed poverty in England, giving children the opportunity to engage at school, and a chance to break the cycle of poverty.

We know that the pursuit of this mission would be far more difficult without the support of businesses such as yourselves. It is the support we receive that has enabled us to deliver more than 6,000 beds to children since we were formed just over five years ago. Our story and our cause have provided us with a national TV and media platform, and captured people’s attention, in ways we couldn’t have imagined just five years ago. Thank you for helping make this possible.

When, in July, we received the first delivery of 20 mattresses from you, and a commitment to support us on a monthly basis, it brought so much encouragement to our team. That you then designed a dedicated label, embroidered our logo onto the carry handles and trimmed the mattresses in the Zarach orange colour, was a moment of real pride for us, in seeing a business of your reputation stand with us in our mission.

We live in a time where, unfortunately, the number of children living in poverty and destitution is increasing. Where, amid families having to choose between heating and eating, finding the money to buy larger, essential items, such as beds, is a mountain too high to climb for so many.

This is why our aim over the coming few years is to operate from several regional warehouses, supplemented by local hubs, that will see us deliver 1,000 beds each week to families where children don’t have the sleeping arrangements they need due to a lack of financial resources. And, as we approach winter and the Christmas period, we are launching a campaign to deliver beds to 500 children, more than double the number we delivered in December last year.

We want to see an end to child bed poverty but, before this day comes, we need to rise to the challenge of reaching more children, in more areas of the country. We would always welcome being able to share our plans further with you and explore if there are ways that our journey together can develop further in the years ahead this end, please don’t hesitate to contact me if we might be able to discuss this.

But, for now, on behalf of myself, and all the team at Zarach, it is with heartfelt thanks for your past and continuing support.

Warm regards,


Mark Cohen

National Product & Service Delivery Manager