Leeds Forest

Giving a helping hand to the Leeds Forest Observatory

3rd April 2017


Researchers from across the University of Leeds are working with Leeds City Council and the United Bank of Carbon to establish a Forest Observatory here in Leeds at Middleton Woods. This Forest Observatory will allow students and staff from the University to contribute to the collection of long-term environmental measurements and study the role of forests in maintaining ecosystems.

Leeds Forest Observatory

Harrison Spinks are delighted to have been able to help with this establishment by providing funding along with University of Leeds Footsteps Fund, the United Bank of Carbon, the School of Earth and Environment Teaching Enhancement Fund. It is great to support such a local project, with Middleton Woods, only one mile from our Leeds factory and offices.

Leeds Forest

At Harrison Spinks our environmental credentials are always at the forefront of our minds, and so supporting the LFO and everything it will achieve in the future was something we were very keen to do. LFO will help address key questions in environmental research, enhancing the understanding of the role of forests in mitigating climate change, improving air quality and maintaining biodiversity.

We can’t wait to one day take a visit down to the woodland and meet those behind the project.