Harrison Spinks triples hemp processing to meet increased demand

7th October 2016


At Harrison Spinks, we have bolstered our sustainable, eco-friendly credentials by designing and manufacturing new machinery, which will help triple the farm’s hemp processing abilities following a 32% increase in orders over the last year.

The new machinery will allow us to streamline the hemp processing, increasing the companies output from three tonnes to nine tonnes per week. This means we can can produce more volume on-site in Yorkshire.

Hemp is just one of the natural mattress fillings grown on the Harrison Spinks 300-acre farm in Yorkshire. A new bale opener has been installed to help complete a formerly manual process, as well as a new dust plant, ensuring employees continue to operate in a safe working environment. After it has been left to ret in the fields, the hemp bales will be torn and cleaned by a new, high-tech machine. Harrison Spinks has also invested in a new step cleaner to shake the hemp and ensure any foreign materials are effectively removed.

Triple Hemp 1
The hemp team at Harrison Spinks Farm

Simon Spinks said: “As the most vertically integrated and sustainable bed manufacturers in the world, we’re passionate about operating in a way that is as eco-friendly as possible. Our dedication to sustainability, as well as our spring technology, has been commended by HM Queen Elizabeth II, with two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation and Sustainable Development.

“Our decision to replace traditional fillings in our mattresses with natural fibres demonstrates how we are setting a benchmark for the production of mattresses in the UK. We’re constantly innovating and developing new ideas that will help us speed up and improve our in-house processes to ultimately change the way people sleep.

“Following a really successful year, which has seen orders increase by 32%, more efficient hemp processing will help us meet demand whilst enhancing our sustainable credentials.”

Sustainability is at the heart of Harrison Spinks, as we believe natural fillings, including hemp, offer the best possible night’s sleep. By designing, manufacturing and installing all of our own machines, Harrison Spinks is not only able to ensure stringent quality control, but also develop new natural blends of materials, offering varying benefits to our customers.

Find out more about Harrison Spinks farm here.