Queen Birthday Silver Book

Harrison Spinks to feature in official Commemorative Album for The Queen’s 90th birthday celebration

21st April 2016


We are delighted to have been selected to feature in the official commemorative album for The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration at Windsor Castle in May 2016.

While The Queen’s actual birthday is on 21st April and her official birthday is on a Saturday in June, The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration will take place from 12th to 15th May 2016 in Home Park, Windsor Castle, and will celebrate The Queen’s life, her dedication to the Commonwealth and international affairs, her involvement with the armed forces and her love of horses.

As part of these celebrations, publisher St James’s House has produced an official commemorative album for the event – the only publication sanctioned and endorsed by the organisers.

Queen Birthday Silver Book

“Our commemorative album will be presented as a gift to VVIP and VIP guests at each of the four evenings,” says Richard Freed, chief executive of St James’s House. “Copies of the book will also be distributed to key figures and organisations around the world including heads of state, ambassadors and leaders of industry.”

In addition to celebrating the life and reign of The Queen, the publication showcases a selection of organisations in the UK and Commonwealth, or with strong ties to Britain. These organisations are drawn from educational, cultural, social, technological and business spheres, and include Royal Charter holders, Royal Warrant holders and recipients of the Queen’s Awards. Collectively, they provide insights into the Commonwealth today and into the UK’s role in the wider world.

Queen Birthday Booklet

Our Managing Director Simon Spinks talks about what winning The Queen’s Awards mean to us below or you can watch an interview with Simon by clicking here.

Queen Birthday Person

“Winning not one but two Queen’s Awards simultaneously is an incredible achievement for the company – we’re the UK’s first bed manufacturer to have won two such awards in the same year.

“Innovation and sustainability are at the very heart of our business, so to be recognised by such a prestigious awards programme is something that I’m really proud of. The Queen’s Awards are notoriously difficult to receive, as well as being widely recognised both in the UK and internationally, so to receive two in one year is remarkable.

“The awards recognise the commitment to excellence that we all share at Harrison Spinks and highlight not only how we stand out from our competitors in terms of innovation and sustainability, but also the dedication to continuous improvement and development across the business.

“We started out as a mattress manufacturer, but our world-leading expertise has allowed us to develop unique spring technology in-house, allowing us to lead the field when it comes to luxury mattress manufacturing.

“Deciding to replace traditional fillings in our mattresses with natural fibres demonstrates another way in which we are setting a benchmark for the production of mattresses in the UK. We own our own 300-acre farm in Yorkshire, where we rear sheep for their wool as well as growing a host of natural fibres, including cotton, flax and hemp, which are all used in our mattresses.

“The awards have proved to be a great vehicle for telling the Harrison Spinks story to a wider audience. Exporting both components and luxury mattresses is now a big part of our business.

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