Knaresborough 7

Completing the Great Knaresborough Bed Race

12th June 2017

The Team

On Saturday 10th June, seven members of Harrison Spinks took part in the renowned Great Knaresborough Bed Race. The Harrison Spinks bed race team was made up from Melissa Cockerill, Adam Trevisani, Joe Stainton, Ruairi Giles, Hayley Melling, Esme Westmoreland and Wendy Williams. Although the weather wasn’t perfect, it was much better than forecast, with only a slight drizzle throughout the day.

With the banners up, scrutinising over and all the dressed beds judged, it was time for the Harrison Spinks team, along with the 89 other beds to take to the streets of Knaresborough in a grand procession.

This year the theme of Heroes and Villains was well and truly embraced, with superheroes, Star Wars, cops and robbers and our very own team dressed as Peter Pan. The procession took the 90 floats through the picturesque Knaresborough town, giving the crowds a chance to admire everyone’s hard work.

Knaresborough 1
Knaresborough 2
Knaresborough 3
Knaresborough 4
Knaresborough 5

Once the parade was over, and beds were safely at the start line, it was time to get the decorations off and prepare for the serious part of the day – the big race. With so many beds and to save any accidents there was a staggered starting. Team Harrison Spinks were number 74 and so had a little while to wait until they could take off with their bed – in fact, by the time Harrison Spinks set off, the winning set of runners had already made it to the finish line!

Knaresborough 6

The time had come for the team to sprint over the start line and make their way along the infamous Knaresborough bed race route. Ahead of them they faced 2.4 miles of cobbled streets, one very steep hill and not forgetting the river Nidd. The team made good progress on the mighty hill and even managed to take over two of their competitors! The river Nidd, which quietly ran through Knaresborough was the team’s biggest challenge. Hayley the passenger of the bed was not allowed to fall off as this was a case for disqualification. So with the runners neck high in the water, the team gave their all to push the floating bed across the river, and drag it out once at the other side.

Knaresborough 7
Knaresborough 8A
Knaresborough 9
Knaresborough 10
Knaresborough 11
Knaresborough 12
Knaresborough 13
Knaresborough 14

Safely out the water, it was a matter of meters to cross the finish line. Team Harrison Spinks successfully finished the race in 23 minutes and 44 seconds – a great achievement!

It was a fantastic day had by all and we’re already looking forward to next year! A big thank you to the Harrison Spinks team, those who came to support us, those who helped prepare for the race and the Development team for making the race bed.