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Britain’s sleeping habits revealed by Harrison Spinks

26th October 2016


With the clocks going back this weekend, tied with the colder, darker mornings, it can make it even more difficult for the population to drag themselves out of bed for work each morning. A new survey carried out by Harrison Spinks has revealed that we really are a nation that values its sleep, with nearly half of the population (47%) admitting to being late for work due to not getting up on time. Unsurprising perhaps, the worst sleeping-in offenders are those aged between 25 and 34 (59%), with the biggest culprits living in Brighton (57%).

With the darker mornings set to officially arrive when the clocks go back on Sunday 30th, the survey also revealed that the lack of light on a morning not only makes it hard to leave your bed, 63% stated that their mood too is affected by darker, colder mornings.

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And with almost a fifth (18%) struggling to get a decent night’s sleep, with being too hot or too cold (43%) and uncomfortable beds (20%) being the most common reasons. It’s no wonder then that we found when the clocks do go back, almost half of the population (48%) will be using the hour we gain to catch up on some much needed sleep time.

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“With a fifth of the population blaming uncomfortable beds for their lack of sleep (20%), we hope consumers will recognise that investing in a new mattress could help solve their sleeping problems.” comments Simon Spinks, managing director of Harrison Spinks.