Golden Fleece Enhancer 10,000

Luxuriously handcrafted to the highest standards with HD 2000 and HD 4000 Micro Springs for superior support. The Cotswold 10000 Enhancer has expertly blended layers including Golden Fleece, rare breed and indigenous wool chosen by Adam himself from Cotswold farms. This Enhancer works perfectly with the Adam Henson Support Mattress with Cortec™ Natural Calico springs, contouring Microlution 5000 Airflow springs, natural cotton and home-grown hemp. Finished with an in-house woven super soft chemical free luxury fabric.

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British wool, viscose, Golden fleece, rare breed and indigenous wool, HD 2000 and HD 4000 micro springs

Elba mattress & divan base

I bought a HS Elba mattress & divan base from Belgica Furniture in early November. I wake each morning feeling refreshed after a thoroughly comfortable sleep.

Susan R

The ultimate in comfort

It genuinely has transformed our sleep and I would not hesitate to recommend a Harrison Spinks bed to anyone.


Delivery date was spot on

Superb product very well made with top quality materials and workmanship. The Snowshill 31400 is extremely comfortable we are sure of a good night's sleep.


The Luxury of Choice

Choose from a variety of headboards and bases in exclusive Adam Henson wool fabrics to make your own bespoke Adam Henson bed.

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