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Ways to make waking up in the morning easier

16th February 2017

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Wouldn’t it be nice if getting up in the mornings was easy? The dreaded sound of your alarm is not the most pleasant thing to wake you from your peaceful sleep and the urge to stay in bed is all too familiar. We have some small but simple ways you can employ to make getting up in the morning easier.

Fix your wake-up call

First things first it’s time to deal with your first point of call in the morning – your alarm. Choose a feel good song and set it so the music gets louder gradually, this way it won’t be such a shock when it wakes you from your sleep. Setting a feel good song rather than a generic tone is proven to make your wake up happier as music is confirmed to make you happier, as it released dopamine a feel-good chemical.

Support your sleep cycle

Or if you’re sick of your alarm abruptly waking you up. – waking up in the morning easier is all about timing. A magical app – ‘Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock’ tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during light sleep. Waking up during light sleep feels like waking up naturally rested without an alarm clock. An added extra, it tracks your sleeping pattern, giving you a graph in the morning, which can be interesting to see how you sleep on particular nights!

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Brighten up

Waking up in a bright environment rather than darkness is known to help get you out of bed. In the summer months the sunshine will help brighten your room, however in the winter you can’t always rely on the sun to wake you. Fortunately, there are gradual light-up alarm clocks easing you out of your slumber less painfully than a standard alarm.

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Have an incentive

Have something planned that you enjoy for first thing in the morning. This could be listening to your favourite radio station, or having your preferred breakfast choice; making getting up much more appealing.


Good night's sleep

One of the simplest ways to make getting up in the morning easier is by getting a good night’s sleep. Nothing leaves you more ready for the day ahead than a night of uninterrupted, peaceful sleep. Never underestimate the importance of sleep – the quality of our sleep directly affects how we feel when we are awake, it can affect our hormones, what we eat and our relationships.