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Turning your mattress when the clocks change

23rd March 2017

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As the clocks spring forward and fall back, it is also a great time for turning your mattress. We use layers of the finest natural upholstery in every Harrison Spinks mattress. Overtime, these fillings can settle which is why we recommend turning your mattress or rotating it regularly, depending on the type of mattress you have.

Seasonal turn mattresses

Our seasonal turn mattresses have two sleeping surfaces. One side of the mattress will feature a wool blend close to the sleeping surface, whilst the other side features a cotton blend. The wool blend will help keep you warm and comfortable during the cooler months of the year, whilst the cotton blend will keep you fresh and dry in warmer months as cotton helps to wick away moisture.

You will be able to tell if you have a seasonal mattress by looking for the warm side/cool side icon on the mattress label.

Turn Mattress Logo 01

The Care Guide which came with your Harrison mattress will feature information about turning and spinning your new mattress for the first 12 weeks. Thereafter your mattress should be spun 180 degrees monthly and turned over every six months – a good way to remember to turn your mattress is when the clocks changes.

Turn free mattresses

Turn free mattresses have one sleeping surface. To check whether you have a turn free mattress, look for the turn free icon on the label or a sticker on the non-sleeping surface.

Turn Mattress Emblems

Whilst turn free mattresses should not be flipped over, we recommend that you rotate your mattress through 180 degrees every week for the first 12 weeks and monthly thereafter.

The clocks going forward is the perfect way to remember to turn your mattress, but you may need to seek assistance as the mattresses can be heavy!

To browse our range of seasonal turn and no-turn mattresses, visit Our Beds and Mattresses.