Tips to get out of bed when it’s cold

24th October 2016

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Getting out of bed is never easy and dark, cold mornings can make the task even more difficult than it already is. Entering the cold darkness and escaping the comfort of your nice warm bed is the last thing you want to do, so we’ve put together some top tip to help get out of bed when it’s cold, making the dreaded task a little easier.

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Prepare the night before

Preparation is key when battling the coldness. Having everything prepared the night before, such as laying out your outfit, will not only mean you can have a few extra minutes in bed but also less time standing in the cold trying to find an outfit. Having your lunch made and even your breakfast ingredients ready to assemble, will give you peace of mind that everything is ready and hopefully make it that little bit easier to get out of bed.

Set a timer on the central heating

Make the idea of leaving your bed a little more inviting by setting up a timer on your heating so it turns on 15 minutes before your alarm. This way you can ensure your bedroom will be nice and cosy for when the time has come to leave your bed. You may even want to lay your clothes out on the radiator to warm them up ready to stop the shivers.

Enjoy a warm breakfast

Starting your day with a hot breakfast such as porridge and a mug of something hot will have you feeling warm in no time. The thought of a nice warm breakfast will give you the motivation to help get out of bed when it’s cold.

Bedside essentials

Get everything you need to prepare yourself for the coldness by the side of your bed, such as some warm slippers to slide your feet into and a fluffy dressing gown. This means you can wrap up as soon as you have to leave the comfort of your duvet and delay meeting the cold.

Have something to look forward to

Try setting aside a few minutes of your morning where you can do something you enjoy, such as flicking through a magazine, having a coffee in bed, or scrolling through your phone. Having this set time to do something you revel in will give you something to look forward to, and start the day in the right way.